Where’s Waldo? At Columbia!

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It seems the ever-elusive man about town was spotted trying to blend in with students on Low Steps. How fast can you spot Waldo? If you think this one’s easy enough, check out the intermediate levels from last year after the jump.

We promise a scary face won't jump out at you

Novices are forewarned

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One our crack Waldo detectives describes his encounter:

Finding Waldo in one of those colorful, eye-catching picture books was always a challenge. I mean, how hard could it really be to find guy in striped clothing? Yeah, and then you end up scouring the same page for ten minutes until your eyes start to water finding everyone but that elusive Waldo.

At least in the real world, it’s a little easier. Waldo (or maybe just a prospie) appeared on Low steps, as unassuming as he usually is–stripes, hat, glasses and all. Now it’s only a matter of time before the flash mob appears.

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  1. Anonymous

    So who's the international student on your staff?

    /To the editor: Use Find/Replace.

  2. wedding troll

    my buddy's exgf is getting married by end of year. who wants to come fuck it up with us?

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    in a scenario remnicent of nelly's "my dilemma" song,

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    well, she back. her fam and my fam - shit goes way back. shes kinda cute. i always said i'd probz end up marrying her one day and shit. well, she sent my boy a msg the otehr day, askin if i wanna chill and show her around manhattan since she's moving here.

    i got one chance to drop the white chick since we aint serious YET, so i dont end up hurting her. at the same time, it aint easy for a brotha like me to pick up white women so i would love to have her for the long term and as of now, i'm really really into her. but some small feelings for the black chick are starting to return.

    wut do i do guys? tell the black chick to fuckoff?

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