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The Landmarks Preservation commission has still to make a decision on whether or not to build boundaries that encompass Morningside Heights, after much pressure from the Morningside Heights Historic District Committee. (Spec)

Fox has decided to choose Netflix as its platform on which they will release a new season of Arrested Development in 2013. (The Huffington Post)

Congress has ruled that a slice of pizza spread with two tablespoons of tomato paste is a vegetable. (Slate)

The Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy has made corrections for statistical and systematic errors concerning CERN’s neutrino experiment and has confirmed results that neutrinos can move faster than the speed of light. (NY Daily News)

A Fork in the Road via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Nice  

    Just saw that the "Powersuites" article was taken down. Heavy-handed much?

    "We'll only allow articles that everyone has a cuddly response to!"

  2. Anonymous  

    An extremely self-righteous apology, on which commenting is disallowed.

  3. Anonymous  

    Is it weird that I find myself actually hoping that scientists will be able to prove that the neutrino moves faster than the speed of light? Nothing against Einstein, but I think that such a discovery would not only overturn his theory but would also bring humanity back to the idea that "the more we learn, the less we know" when it comes to the universe. It would certainly knock us down a few notches as a species, what with one of our greatest theories explaining behavior of the material world being disproven and all.. but maybe a human reawakening of wonder for the universe would cause us to try to take care of it better

    • Neutrino Results

      The Neutrino Results would not invalidate Einstein's theory of special relativity, in the same way that Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics did not invalidate Newtonian Mechanics. It would just lead to new Physical theories that describe this result that equal special relativity in all other cases.

      Also, the same team preforming the same experiment with one -- and not all -- sources of error removed is not a very strong validation of the result.

      However, I agree with you that Physicists need to be knocked down a of the reasons I don't really wanna go to grad school anymore. But, I don't want to be a Science Journalist if these types of misleading articles are the norm.

      • Anonymous  

        Thanks for the clarification. To own my defense, most of the news stories make it sound like Einstein will "be proven wrong," if this experiment is correct about the neutrino. It's sad that it's been portrayed so inaccurately, but it makes for a more exciting article I suppose..

    • Anonymous

      Also, the more we learn, the more we know. Always. Even when dealing with the universe.

  4. Good  

    to see a picture from the PNW!

  5. Anonymous

    Congress voted that pizza IS a vegetable, come on Bwog copy edit.

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