Alex Frouman, CC’12, Wins a Marshall Scholarship

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Frouman, left, boldly rubbing shoulders with the man himself

Congratulations to Alex Frouman, who will head to the United Kingdom next year on a Marshall Scholarship. We googled him so you didn’t have to: Frouman is a math major, an RA, a Senator on the USenate and a member of the Student Affairs Committee and Executive Committee. Kudos, Alex!

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh Bwog, not everyone has to be a political science/english/history/econ major to win awards...

  2. Suspect...  

    Bollinger's eyes are so shifty!!!! Reason enough to assume he's untrustworthy...

  3. Anonymous  

    Oh hello feeling of inferiorty! It's been a while.

    Who am I kidding? Columbia makes you feel inferior everyday!

  4. Anonymous  

    Mathematicians are critical for the social sciences. Hooray for Alex and those who can help us out with statistical analyses!

  5. Hmm  

    Of all the people . . .

  6. Anonymous

    To Alex Frouman's LinkedIn,

    Prepare yourself for scrutiny.

  7. anon  

    He is Math-Econ and worked at GS. OCCUPY...

  8. Pure Mathematician  

    I don't trust math majors who meddle in things like student politics. That said, Alex Frouman is fucking STEAMY!

  9. CC'13  

    alex is truly one of the most genuine people i've met at columbia. sure, he's a bit of a smart ass, but in addition to what you've listed, he's also an RA and overall has put in more work on behalf of the undergrad community then most students here ever do. i can't think of a more deserving person, so exciting!

  10. Anonymous  

    Froumster is a dude among dudes. Very much deserving of this award and those who say otherwise are jealous and or suck

  11. Anonymous

    Jokes on him, he has to go to the UK

  12. glad

    to see that tao tan is in the picture.

    • Groan

      I'm going to assume you're Tao Tan himself. I can't think of anyone else who is ever glad to see Tao Tan.

      • former senator

        i served with tao on the university senate and while we didn't agree on everything, i will say this: i've never met anyone who loved this place more or was more singlemindedly laser-focused on increasing student influence at columbia, and CU is a much better place because of him. he understood columbia history and politics and the levers of power better than most administrators. (if you're some bitter faculty or administrator whose resentful that students have so much influence in the Senate, that's your own goddamn fault for not being involved and leaving a bunch of seats vacant.)

        the impact of his work isn't always clear to non-senators, but anyone who has followed the senate will tell you the difference is midnight in siberia in the winter vs. noon in bali in july. looking at SAC's record before him, they holding ice cream socials and trying to set up a (failed) student council federation. alex, who I also served with, is able to be effective on issues like the smoking ban and course evaluations because of tao, who will also be the first to tell you to shut up because this post isn't about him, but rather alex.

        i'm sorry I ranted so long, but i feel obligated to defend a great guy and a former colleague against pointless and irrelevant and off-campus sniping. i'm sure that tao is incredibly proud of alex, as am I.

  13. hahaha  

    "people who have stood next to prezbo in pictures and lived to tell the tale"


  14. Anonymous  

    It's easy to have a bad impression of Frouman if you don't know him that well... Few of you will actually believe is actually a very nice and genuine guy. Sure, he turns his game face on when dealing with student council and senate issues, but he does so because it actually brings him respect from grad students, faculty and administrators and gets things done. He is easily one of the most dedicated people in council right now, and he's fighting for YOUR rights. So give the man some respect, and congratulate his achievement.

  15. Anonymous  

    ** that he is

  16. Is this a joke?  

    No, it?

  17. Anonymous  

    the right of smoking on campus is one of them - and before anyone says anything, most undergraduates are against a full ban. it's really hard for grad students to understand that we actually live here, so our opinion should matter more than theirs

  18. Keith Lawrence Miller

    If you are not being criticized or talked about, then you are not making a difference, and Alex makes a difference everywhere he goes. He is very deserving of this award, and truly cares about everyone at Columbia. Congratulations Alex, we all know that you will represent yourself, your family, and all of the Columbia community very well moving forward.

  19. BJS  

    Alex Frouman wears that shirt-tie combo too often. I also don't know where his glasses are. But really, the man is going places, namely the UK for two years---but probably in the figurative sense as well.

  20. Jesus

    Bwog commenters have some pretty huge sticks up their asses this year. It seems like any time someone relatively successful is mentioned everyone jumps at the chance to tear them down. I don't know Frouman so I can't really pass judgment, but my god he doesn't seem to be all that bad.

  21. Im Fabuloussss  

    I actually have a huge stick up my ass.

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