Bwoglines: Welcome Back Edition

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Columbia’s new Center for Urban Real Estate suggests building a giant landbridge from Manhattan to Governors Island. It might be called LoLo, or Lower Lower Manhattan. (NY Times)

The LoLo expansion

A new NASA rover, Curiosity, was successfully launched into space yesterday, and is on its way to Mars. Curiosity will land on the Red Planet in August of 2012. (Engadget)

9 of the top 10 highest tax-paying neighborhoods in the US are located in the New York metro area. (Bloomberg)

The Department of Justice took down 100+ websites over the weekend, claiming that the sites trafficked copyright-infringing material. (Torrent Freak)

map via NYTimes

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  1. and people

    say wealth is wrongly distributed...oh wait...we may be the richest but we also pay the most taxes to comrade obama

  2. u guys thumb

    me down, but can't even defend yourselves with a retort to my point....
    typical tongue-liberals who don't know the facts

  3. Landfilling Funtime

    There was also an audacious plan to fill in the entire East River back in the day.


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