Bwoglines: You Betta’ Recognize Edition

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Columbia University Professor of French Antoine Compagnon was awarded the prestigious Claude Lévi-Strauss Prize and an accompanying 100,000 euros last Tuesday for his excellence in social science methods (Note: This award is a big deal in France and is not distributed by the jean company) .(Spec)

On Friday, Obama urged colleges and universities to improve racial diversity on their campuses. The Times cited Prezbo’s two supreme court cases in their evaluation of the history of racial diversity on college campuses. (NY Times)

Facebook will open its first engineering office outside of the West Coast in New York City. Internships, anyone? (NY Daily News)

Daniel Day-Lewis was spotted for the first time in Abraham Lincoln swag, in preparation for his upcoming role in Lincoln. I drink your…¬†confederacy? (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump will be hosting a GOP primary debate. Get ready for some ruckus. (Gothamist)

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  1. grammar puss  

    "its", not "it's" in the blurb about Facebook! plz and thx!

  2. Bwog  

    is using "swag" way too much

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