Bwoglines: Everything is a Lie Edition

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Columbia researchers have developed a lie detecting robot, with plans to build other emotion reading robots. (NYTimes)

This lie detecting power should have been tested on Republican Presidential candidates, but then Cain went and all quit, so now the process would be significantly less entertaining. (Huff Po)

OWS icon turns out to be kinda crazy. (NYTimes)

This giant bug isn’t a lie, but it should be. (Daily Mail)

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  1. Herman Cain

    This is clearly the darkest timeline.

  2. Goddamit

    The NYTimes link to Prof. Hirschberg's page doesn't work because they used a ˜ instead of a ~. I don't know what the first one is, I think it's some kind of unicode thing. It's clearly the Times' fault, since they did the same thing for the Stanford professor. I sent them an email (whatever email they had at the bottom, maybe they have unpaid interns reading it and it will get fixed).

    Not a lot that can be done, but it's extremely irritating to see someone kick ass and have it missed because someone couldn't be bothered.

  3. TheLongCon

    ALL of the reporting of the 'OWS icon' clearly showed he was disturbed and dealing with many emotional issues. He should be an icon of the OWS movement because he represents the huge number of people who are desperately in need of social services, but instead fall through the cracks and their problems only worsen and become other people's problems. The OWS camps around the country have been on the front lines in dealing with people with this set of problems, and for the most part have kept them in line, and even helped them. Check out the thank you letter to Occupy Portland:

    Yeah, this kid was acting like a crazy annoying brat, but beating the crap out of him isn't going to change that. Instead of militarizing the NYPD into "Bloomberg's private army", we could invest in keeping kids like that off the streets in the first place.... but that's one of the reasons that OWS is out there protesting in the first place.

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