Lessons in Refinement at Columbia

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Last night, Bwog readers overheard two magnificent examples of modest, Ivy League discourse. First, an anonymous artist’s failed attempt at translating peek-a-boo into performance art:

Overheard: ”How much could you see? Like, could you see my vagina? I’m not a slut! I’m endearing, right?”

Capital! And now for a little demonstration in modern chivalry:

guy1: found [name deleted]’s girlfriend on an anonymous online dating site looking for hook ups 

guy2: what?! you serious? now what?

guy1: so a bunch of us signed up to flirt with her online. now we’re going to print out the chats and distribute it around campus. she has NO IDEA. he didn’t deserve this. PAYBACK TIME for a bro!

guy2: niiiiiiceeee!

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  1. Also overheard last night:

    "That's Butler Library where we, like, study."

    Dat Columbia admissions process.

  2. Anonymous  

    Just saying... [name deleted] would probably rather the whole campus /didn't/ know that his girlfriend is cheating on him...

  3. the scarlett letter

    this way, the whole campus knows and she will never be able to find a guy to screw again at columbia!

  4. ban frats on campus!  

    evidencing the misogyny/general lack of basic human empathy on the ground level of the ivory tower.

  5. i agree

    with the frats thing, but none of the guys (or girl) involved are in the greek system...

  6. Anonymous

    What if it's an open relationship?? And how do they know she'll flirt back?? They seem pretty undesirable. So many questions.

    • the job's

      already done. they even scheduled a meet up at a specific dorm....

      if it was an open relationship, her boyfriend would not have authorized this...

      "They seem pretty undesirable." --> hahaha. im a guy so i can't judge. do you know them?

    • a mutual friend

      LA LA DI DAAAAA! ...hehe :)%D%A%D%Ai find this entire debacle CUUUUTE.%D%A%D%A[name deleted] deserves waaaay better than her. ugh. %D%A%D%Aseas boys are nice, but they\\re smart. don\\t mess with them.%D%A%D

      • i dont know who you are

        but you should prob quit posting on here.
        you're messing up the entire operation.

        thanks for the cheer, girl, but please keep your damn mouth shut :P

        this is serious.

      • anon  

        i second the "quit posting here" thing.
        mostly for the apparent keyboard issues...

        bUt WuT dO i n0 @[email protected] ?? LoL

  7. #dat_tag  

    More Mean Girls tags bwog. Every article. Do it.

  8. bitches going crazy  

    is my favorite tag on bwog

  9. i could  

    really use some vagina right now

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