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Time's almost up...

The clock is ticking. With every passing day, you tread ever closer to that most wicked of days: your final thesis/seminar paper deadline. And while Bwog certainly hopes that you’ve been loading your paper up with plenty of primary sources, we’ve gotta come clean on this one—we’ll only really care about your thesis if it’s got a snappy title.

Are you examining the postcolonial implications of The Tempest? Or Lady Gaga, as she pertains to local community development? And let’s not forget about this treasure trove of Jersey Shore thesis fodder.

Whatever you end up writing, we wanna hear about it! Send your most titillating of thesis titles to [email protected]. We’ll post ’em, you’ll feel famous, and a grand time will be had by all.

Happy writing!

P.S. When in doubt, there’s always this.

Harbinger of impending doom via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    I can no longer work on this monumental piece o' crap. Correction, I can no longer work BECAUSE OF this monumental piece o' crap.

    please make this semester die already.

  2. 6000 word essay  

    Fuck it, I'll do it the night before.

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