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The CUPS exhibit

Nab a midday pick-me-up of vitamin C and icing— The Columbia University Photography Society is giving out free cupcakes and clementines now until 3 pm on the Lerner Ramps to promote their new exhibition, titled “12+12.” In an email, they describe the new project:

Please join us Thursday, December 8th between 12 and 3pm on the Lerner Ramps for an exhibition of photographs from 12+12, a project organized by the CU Photography Society (CUPS). 12+12 comprises portraits of Columbia students who engage in interesting or unusual activities outside of the classroom. The title 12+12 comes from the idea of a day (24 hours) divided between different pursuits, and the notion that those parts add up to a more holistic understanding of who a person is than any one element on its own. The subjects of this project represent a cross-section of the university, including students from all four schools. Together, they become at once idiosyncratic individuals and representatives of the diversity, creativity, and passion that characterize the community as a whole.

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    Drinkin out of CUPS...

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    the name of this article is the epitome of bwog

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