Organ, Not Orgo

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Zorn jammin'

Why study stay cramped up in Butler this evening when you can have free fun instead?¬†Don’t miss John Zorn, composer, arranger,¬†record producer,¬†saxophonist,¬†multi-instrumentalist, and avant garde icon,¬†as he returns to his first instrument for this rare performance‚ÄĒhis first solo organ concert in St. Paul’s Chapel tonight at 11 pm. Entry is free with a CUID! The concert will follow his Composer Portrait at Miler Theatre tonight at 8 pm. Get there early, as the Chapel will fill quickly!

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  1. Great.

    Another homo, liberal harmonica player. Is this what you wanted when yous voted for Obama? Lollerlololuz

  2. Anonymous  

    orgo flipping sucks.

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