Overheard: “These Aren’t Tears, I Swear. It Must be the Humidity”

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"Come at me, bro"

At 8:45 pm, two bros put their bags down in the weight room:

Bro the First: Yeah, so I saw her last night. It was cool.
Bro the Second: What’s the big deal, then?
BtF: I don’t know. It’s complicated.
BtS: Let’s talk about it in the sauna.
BtF: Yeah, it can wait. That’s the right place.

May the Dodge sauna heal all your wounds, too.

Tub o’ bros via Wikimedia

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  1. Dodge Sauna

    When a sketchy Turkish bathhouse in Brookyln that may just be a front for the Russian mafia won't do.

  2. alum

    There was actually a homoerotic movie scene shot in the sauna. I forget the title of the movie.

      • alum

        It was a pretty bad movie, only worth watching for the hot guys. It was about a guy developing psychic premonition powers, but could only access it when he was intimate with someone. He tried sleeping with his girlfriend, but failed so he ended up having to find a male prostitute. The prostitute follows him back to Columbia. I can't remember the rest, but there are additional scenes shot in Hamilton and South Lawn.

  3. Pledge class, Overheard

    "It's not gay if you're the one getting it, brah."

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