Prezbo Gets Trump’d

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Perhaps still bitter after a failed presidential campaign, the ever-belligerent Donald Trump decided to pick on Obama for his stance on Iran. Also caught in the crossfire was none other than Prezbo, who was volleyed with such hateful names as “the idiot who runs Columbia University” and “the fool at Columbia.” Bwog recalls its more youthful days when it got itself involved with the 2007 protest the last time Ahmadinejad visited Columbia. That was over 4 years ago, but old wounds heal slowly, right Donald?

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  1. Lol  

    His prezbeef comes from being cut out of a real estate deal for the Manhattanville campus, big surprise:

  2. Anonymous

    I initially read this as "Prezbo's Got Trannys".

  3. Anonymous  

    Trump's stepped in it now. No one fucks with our PrezBo and gets away with it. I demand RETRIBUTION!

  4. Stanley Cavell  

    I'd talk with Trump.

  5. lol

    He's just angry that Columbia didn't buy all that land from him.

    • Anonymous

      You are exactly correct. Trump wanted Columbia to build their expansion campus on his land in the railyards rather than Manhattanville. He said, 'no one would want to ever go to Harlem." This ended up being one of Columbia's best decisions ever made.

  6. Anonymous  

    wow what he said about prezbo's intro is absolutely right. didn't expect the DonaldT to be right.

    • Not EXACTLY right  

      PrezBo wasn't the one who invited Ahmadinejad; SIPA's World Leaders Forum did. The invitation didn't come from Bollo.

      I agree that his introduction was idiotic--Richard Bulliet reamed him for it at the Senate plenary session that followed the talk--but it wasn't like PrezBo invited Ahmad just to insult him. PrezBo let someone ELSE invite him and THEN insulted him.

      Of course, I don't really expect Trump to understand that kind of nuance. Or to even bother to try.

  7. ...  

    yup and yup. pissed about the land, and well, he's right on bollinger. the ahmadinejad debacle was utterly emabarassing...

    although, i have a sneaking suspicion that his ahmadinejad performance was a band-aid that was slapped on at the last minute after a couple of generous university benefactors made the red telephone on his desk ring.

  8. Anonymous  

    arh these idiots make me soo mad

  9. charlie sheen  

    i'm a hawk times five

  10. Hate Donald Trump

    ...but I gotta agree with him on Prezbo's introductory remarks.

  11. When the fuck

    did Obama become *too* hawkish? Trump's criticizing Obama for following (well-founded_ GOP anti-Iran dogma?

    • hmm

      Ironically, Trump quite forcefully criticized Obama for being too soft on Iran not long ago-- with solid justification, I believe-- and quite strongly hinted that he would bomb the country were he elected president. I believe it was one of the more frequently repeated planks of his rather thin campaign platform. "Excuse me, if I am president, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon," he would say if confronted by anyone who implied that the risks of taking military action were simply too great. "I will not let Iran have a nuclear weapon, excuse me."

  12. Anonymous

    Columbia can hire Dr. Donald Trump to replace Dean Feniosky Peña-Mora

  13. Devil's Advocate

    It's not that I inherently dislike Trump....It's just this whole "talking outside of reality TV settings" thing he keeps doing these days....

  14. Anonymous  

    Excuse me? Going into harlem was the best thing Columbia has ever done? More like most exploitative and most oppressing. That is a sickening comment..

  15. Anonymous  

    prezbo vs. donald trump?
    that's gonna get hairy

    get it?

  16. senior who took a couple semesters off

    Ahh, I remember being a freshling and reading the Odyssey in Butler instead of sitting on the lawns watching the jumbotron with Ahmadinejad. God, I was so lame. Don't repeat my mistakes, kids!

  17. Anonymous  

    thankfully Trump did not request Prezbo to release his long-form employment contract with Columbia to believe he's actually the president.

  18. Hawknold Trump  

    Let's not forget that Donald Trump is "a hawk times 5"

  19. time toupee  

    trump is just pissed cuz prezbo has better hair

  20. anonymous  

    I'm sure prezbo can sleep soundly knowing Donald Trump thinks he's stupid. Honestly, it's practically a compliment, considering the source.

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