Overhead: Yo Momma is So Pregnant That…

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Remember when Yo Momma jokes were cool? Neither do we. Remember when Fes from That ’70s Show even had an MTV show dedicated to solely Yo Mamma battles? Neither do we. Okay, maybe we watched it once or twice, but still, it looks like a few Columbians can’t grasp the fact that talking about moms rarely ever leads to anything good.

Boy to Girl: Hey, I talked to your mom last night! (laughter)

Girl: I don’t think you talked to her, she just got her ovaries takenĀ out and she’s in a lot of pain.

Finals Dinner via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. anonymouse

    Aww... So sad. For both the mom and the boy. I hope he eventually makes her feel better...

  2. Oh, come on Bwog!


  3. Jk  

    Yo Momma is so poor that when she wanted something to snack on, she came to the machine shop and ate all the nuts !!!

    SEAS 2014

  4. Yo momma so poor  

    Columbia didn't cut her financial aid this year!

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