NoCo Library Vigilante Find Justice

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NoCo library cried out in the night, begging for justice—a menacing library worker was locking doors and shunning innocent students. One witness, who tipped this whole story to Bwog, took it upon himself to answer his library’s call; he wrote a passive agressive note.

Vigilante’s slightly incoherent tip:

After seeing [the library worker] lecture and close and lock the door on three distinct people who were attempting to retrieve their stuff from the library from outside, while making another girl wait 5 minutes who was locked inside. 

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  1. What do you call

    someone who farts right next to you in the library?


  2. Anonymous

    I'm confused... what happened

  3. Anonymous  

    It's one thing to close the door on three people, but three DISTINCT people!? For shame.

  4. Anonymous

    That's just an aggressive note. A "passive-aggressive" note would have 'reminded' the librarian that it's 'nice' to let students exit the library with their belongings before locking the door. But come on, how late were they? Let the employees go home already, grab your shit and get out of there.

  5. Library Employee  

    It is pretty annoying when people wait until the very last minute to leave. Are those 5 minutes of studying really going to make that much of a difference? That being said, nobody needs to be an asshole.

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