Smoke Spewing from 115th and Broadway

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Update 4:24 pm: According to Public Safety officers on the scene, the smoke was caused by the activation of the building’s heating system, and people became concerned when the smoke drifted down onto the street.

Several tipsters have reported that a large quantity of smoke is being emitted from a building on 115th and Broadway. Fire trucks are on the scene, but firemen reportedly told bystanders that they are investigating the smoke and cannot confirm the existence of a fire. Public Safety has dispatched units but so far knows nothing more than the firemen. As of yet there’s no reason for alarm. So get your heads back in the books!




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  1. Professor McGonagall  

    Ten points to Bwog for the HP tag.

  2. The path to Mordor

    ends at Columbia

  3. this happens...

    all the time..?

  4. Anonymous  

    Cool. About time Furnald elected a new pope.

  5. Anonymous  

    The black smoke is due to heavy heating oil (#6 or #4), which is uniquely burned in New York City. Very few other cities burn this dirty oil, but the NYC mayor's office is trying to help building owners to switch to cleaner energy in his new Clean Heat initiative, which is part of the PlaNYC 2030 campaign. For more information, check

  6. i live right across from this  

    and it happens at least every day. no need for alarm.

  7. Anonymous  

    They're turning activating the heating NOW?

  8. Anonymous  

    *they're activating

    ...damn typo's

  9. Bwog,

    why do you think we give a shit?

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