Bwog in Bed: The Study Days are Upon Us

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Take a moment to kick back and relax in your mind.

Every day until the end of finals, join Bwog in bed as we survey our mountain of undone laundry and regret yesterday’s late night snack decision. Remember always: [email protected]

Bwogline: Student opposition to financial recruiting on campus is having tangible effects on Ivy League schools. Goldman Sachs has canceled info sessions, possibly due to disturbances by Occupiers. (Bloomberg)

Finals tip: The most important part of any paper is the pun in the title. Budget your time accordingly.

Remember to check Bwog’s twitter during these time-strapped times for more helpful tips.

Stressbustyourself: While it’s important to not disrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle, taking a 20 minute nap in the afternoon to unwind can be a great way to recharge yourself for the rest of the day.

Overheard: A woman gets up and leaves the Ref room. A student arrives in a minute later and, before putting his stuff down at the same spot, announces to no one in particular: “I feel like I won the lottery”

On tonight’s Hardcore… Pat encounters Calypso, and Sock Monkey attempts an impossible mission.

Be sure to check out the first part of the epic if you haven’t already.

Stress-free legs via wikimedia.

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  1. The Lottery?

    I took 3 steps inside the Ref Room the other day and the BO was already overwhelming. He must mean the Shirley Jackson lottery.

  2. alum

    do you wonder if goldman ever stopped recruiting young people to be their slaves, would they have to rely on old men with mortgages and families to feed in order to be pawns that would do anything to perform unconscionable sadistic money-laundering scheming mind-numbing tasks for a game-of-a-corporation? what if young people actually applied themselves to do good or actually solve the freaking mortgage crisis (which, by the way, still exists, and still looms over our collective mcmansion tracts)?

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