Some Liquor for Your Troubles

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Price: one well-reasoned Lit Hum paper

All of those hours you slaved and slaved away in the dim glow of your computer screen writing pages and pages of literary analysis have finally paid off! Well, if you got an A, at least. But we know you’re all super smart. From now until close, the Village Pourhouse is offering a free “Scholar’s Shot” to anyone who brings in a paper with an A on it. We don’t know what a Scholar’s Shot is, but it will likely take a couple before you can forget the endless sweat and tears you put into that paper. Unless it was a Music Hum paper, in which case you just earned a free shot for an hour of work!

Literal mind-numbing reward via Wikimedia

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  1. That conditional is kinda flawed

    I can easily print out a shitty paper I wrote last year and self grade it an "A." Just a thought.

  2. Not so smart


    P.S. - CAPTCHA has 151 included.

  3. Anonymous  

    What about those of us who are smart but haven't been trying hard enough to get good grades... cause we were considering leaving Columbia...

  4. damn  

    i wish i had known about this before i got naked and climbed into bed #mlibc

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