Breaking: P&W Sandwich Shop to Close in a Week

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The rumors are true: P&W Sandwich Shop, Bwog’s favorite lunchtime haunt, is closing.

Shocked and appalled by what we hoped was a cruel finals prank (remember Hawkma?), Bwog called over only to receive confirmation of the tragic tip. P&W is owned by the same family who operates Hungarian, next door. Due to “lease termination,” P&W’s last day will be December 24th. Bwog will most miss the zany sandwich names, “sundries,” and friendly service.

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  1. CC'13

    Question: Do they sell spicy specials or are they HamDel?
    Answer: No

    Question: Do I thus care?
    Answer: No

    • salonee

      you sir, have no soul.

    • Anonymous  

      HamDel and CrackDel sandwiches are for drunk fools.

      P&W had character. It was a wonderful place.

      Go home, fool.


      um DUHHH people care. Everyone has different tastes so just relax. P&W is an amazing place and its not just about the sandwiches. The people there are really awesome and supportive of the neighborhood - they facilitate a used book exchange, post neighborhood announcements, and sell post-cards of St. John the Divine. They are part of what makes the Columbia neighborhood of Morningside Heights feel homey - similar to the Hungarian vibe but I would argue more personal because its always quieter in there and you can better talk to the people who are working the counter. The world is a scary place without the detail and personal touch of places like P&W.

  2. Anonymous

    It was a pretty unremarkable sandwich shop...doubt anyone cares

  3. p/w luvrxoxoxo  

    WE WILL MIS YOU P AND W! KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE MISSED! we loved your wide selection of UTZ

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous  

    So here's the deal. I've never been to P&W. I'm debating whether I should, so that I can get a taste of it before it's gone. Or if I should avoid it, therefore preventing myself from having an experience that I will be unable to have again.


  6. P&W  

    actually has the best sandwiches in morningside. I plan to eat a sasquitch every day until it closes

  7. CC '12  

    Wow that's to bad- are there any implications for Hungarian?

  8. Anonymous  

    This is the worst thing to have happened to me during finals. Why!!!!!!

  9. Yanyi  

    That is quite sad. Each time I went there, I was served a sandwich, not an oversized monstrosity whose size outpaced its taste. The combinations were always well thought-out, their scale in proportion to each other weighed well. Prices lower than HamDel, M2M, etc, but quality above them all.

    I hope they'll manage to stay around, somehow. They will be missed.

  10. Anonymous  

    what kind of food did they sell?

  11. Anonymous

    It's a pity that they are so relatively obscure, wince this place has the friendliest, most interesting staff in Morningside. Their food is delicious and in addition to being a deli, they essentially served as a general store with all kinds of items from clarinet reeds and guitar strings to bandanas -- can you think of other places that you can get those sorts of things? I will miss P&W dearly.

  12. Anonymous

    ah! the chicken salad is so good!

  13. Anonymous

    the sign in the window says it's last day is Christmas Eve

  14. Noah  

    WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. THIS SHIT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. they know my name there, i will not stand for this.

  15. Anonymous

    simply heartbreaking.

  16. Anonymous

    :(. Man! I can't even imagine how the people in Manhattanville must feel.

  17. Anonymous  

    No more Sasquitch?

  18. Anonymous  

    One of the few places near campus worth going to sober.

  19. Cheese and Pickle!

    Only place that I know in NY with a Cheese and Pickle (British Open) sandwich on the menu!

  20. I think  

    this is terrible! The sandwiches here were so dope fresh, that it was worth the commute to campus from another borough to eat there...tsk tsk cross out another great eat on this island.

  21. Anonymous

    Gonna miss the vibe. A great neighborhood place. The best sandwiches. And I love the folks who work there; always a warm and pleasing greeting, a friendly smile, and...well, you know what I mean!

  22. CC '13  

    Friends of P & W:
    I'm thinking of sending a letter to the landlord, from members of the Columbia community who cannot simply watch as P & W gets pushed out.

    From what I understand, the lease has been raised, and P & W would either have to increase their prices, or start selling cigarettes and beer to pay rent--two things they do not wish to do.

    P & W is such an important part of our community. It is one of the only Mom-and-Pop stores around. The staff is made up of personable and caring people, who provide a loving atmosphere and energy that our neighborhood needs. It's an energy that NYC needs.

    If you would sign your name, please give this comment a thumbs up, and we'll move from there.

  23. anon  

    The only silver-lining of this tragedy is Bare Burger is moving into the space.

  24. Anonymous

    P&W has offered a rare combination of healthy, delicious, fairly price food served by people who are down to earth enough to care about their community. As a worker at St. Luke's Hospital for the last eleven years it has been my go-to lunch spot. Inaddition to the creative sandwiches and soups, what makes this place so special are the owners and the way they interact with customers. I am regularly awed by Wendy, who deals with crowds of tourists and elementary school students from the Cathedral School with such calm and personal attention to everyone. And it's been great to see her and her husband and kids all working together. This is the sort of place that I fear I'll have to say "they don't have places
    like that anymore", when it closes. Many thanks to P&W!

  25. Anonymous

    We should protest!!! Whoever owns the building is an idiot!

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