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The epic tale continues! If you need a refresher on the action so far, you can catch up here.

Special thanks go to Michele Bachmann, Anne Steakhouse, Ga-Young Kim, Liz Coffee Shop, Ahra Koh, Harvey and Bobbi Chertok, John Nordin, Nathan Bailey, Herman Cain, Charlie Dinkin, Michael Chertok, Nettra Pan, Digital Data Divide, Cayle Pietras, Christia Mercer, Zak Dychtwald, Jess Ball, Dee Downes, Kenny Durell, Emeritus Dean Quigley the Sock Monkey, Rakhi Agrawal, Erik Nook, Hilary Maslin, Fresh Films, Pierre Gergis, Karla Casariego, Angkor Wat, The Khmer Empire, Madeleine Jensen, Olivia Levine, The Cupid Shuffle, Liz Watson, Hannah Fraser, Eduardo Santana, Bonnie Tyler, Eliza Shapiro, Ryan Mandelbaum, Franz Kloger, CTV, Carolyn Ruvkun, Kady Grosser, Louise McCune, Mr O, Tiger Kingdom, Homer and the $2 snake show in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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  1. Anonymous  

    this whole thing has been kinda underwhelming and forced.... I miss plain ol' bwog weather.

  2. Anonymous  

    Wait what there was a tiger in this?

  3. completely  

    unable to think critically about whether this is funny or not because LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE

  4. Anonymous  

    this is really random.. i feel like i'm watching someone else's inside jokes

  5. I hate to say it  

    but I feel like this is just a self-serving stunt

    • Same commenter  

      But that doesn't mean that I don't want to see all of it. I will do anything in the name of procrastination. Additionally, I still enjoy the effort that I know was put into this.

  6. yea dude

    I say just scrap whatever is left of this ungodly material, and just play re-runs of bwogweather. or homemade pornos might work.

  7. sophomore_slump  

    thanks anyway for indulging our mindless procrastination.

  8. Who are you people?

    And how is this self serving? Pat clearly put hours of work into this, and I think it's really impressive that he managed to film footage over the summer, and then adapt it, months later, into something fun and silly for finals week. Pat puts so much time and energy into making this school a better, happier, more creative place. I for one am relieved for the break from everyone playing misery monopoly (I'm miserable at the library, I'm miserable in my room, I built a hotel out of my finals misery...jeez).

    Thank you Pat, you rock.

  9. you know

    facebook lets you make lists of your friends for public viewing if, you know, typing these lengthy special thanks lists for bwog is getting tiresome

  10. Anonymous  


  11. Anonymous  

    that was the opposite of entertaining...

  12. Anonymous  

    I love this thank you. The problem is I think this would be even better if I was high. But it's finals week so I can't be. Hence I will be re-watching this after finals so I can fully appreciate. Though not gonna lie, this does make me feel like I'm a little high. Thanks Pat and crew. :-)

  13. ...  

    i mean no ill will and i hope you understand i mean this in the nicest possible way, but this is kinda like the webseries equivalent of howard hughes' spruce goose. it's clear that a ton of time and energy went into it, and that it was a major project involving a lot of people that was fun to work on, but at the end of the day, it really just doesn't quite fly. i mean, it can get like 50 feet off the ground or so for small stretches, but that's about it.

    but hey, it's totally interesting to go visit... and certainly fun to make snarky comments about... and it's cool someone built it, and hey, hughes did a bunch of cool shit that did work and his legacy funds some of the most important medical research that goes on today... so sally forth!

  14. Anonymous  


  15. ?  

    Did they use a green screen, or are they actually at these random locations?

  16. Folks, please.  

    This is art. I'm absolutely serious. Watch them all together, the jokes circle.

  17. Honestly  

    the best part of this was the illustration at the beginning. cute shit.

  18. BC'13  

    Kenny is SO cute. SO. CUTE.

  19. Anonymous  

    I liked this a lot. This is the kind of thing that brings us school spirit.

  20. Nettra

    "Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it becomes beautiful later." - Mona Simpson

    Pat, you are gold, and this is gold. Glad that you liked the apsaras, i.e. sirens. Excellent touch!


    • eyeroll

      That was Jean Cocteau, not Mona Simpson.

      And since we're trading hyperbolic quotes:

      "Very few people possess true artistic ability. It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort if you have a burning restless urge to write or paint. Simply eat something sweet and the feeling will pass." – Fran Lebowitz

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