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If websites were small children, CourseWorks (or, more aptly, CourseWorks’ mom) would be hosting one epic pizza party. Sadly, no website lives forever, and now with a full decade under its belt, Coursework’s newest incarnation is retiring its predecessor. Over 1,200 courses currently use the new CourseWorks, and all University classes will transition by Spring 2013.

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CourseWorks Celebrates 10 Years

CourseWorks celebrates its 10th anniversary on December 14, 2011.

Columbia University’s course management system has been used by up to 30,000 faculty, students and staff each term since 2001, but as CourseWorks aged, CUIT began preparing for its final retirement.

Last spring, divisions within Columbia started migrating to New CourseWorks, a state-of-the-art learning management and collaboration system powered by Sakai, an open-source technology. More than 1,200 courses currently use New CourseWorks, and the rest of the University will transition by spring 2013.

In spring 2012, the schools of Architecture, International and Public Affairs, Journalism, and Engineering and Applied Sciences are moving to New CourseWorks. In addition, approximately half of the departments within Arts and Sciences will transition.

After the final courses transition to New CourseWorks in 2013, CourseWorks will be given its metaphorical gold watch and look on with pride as its successor continues to be updated throughout the years to meet evolving user needs.

For more information about CourseWorks and New CourseWorks, email [email protected] or call the CUIT Help Desk at 212-854-1919.

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  1. Anonymous  

    The new courseworks is awful. There isn't a nice little red "A" or "L", etc when new assignments and lectures are posted. Also, it doesn't list the professor's email address anymore. And courses are listed as course numbers instead of course titles, which gets confusing when you take several courses in the same department.

    I emailed the courseworks admin with these suggestions in September so hopefully it's improved in the spring.

  2. Anonymous  

    The wiki and discussion boards are also beyond terrible.

    The calendar makes no sense, and is hard to use.

    I'm glad they're making progress, but Sakai is outdated and seriously flawed.

  3. argh  

    Why are course evaluations already gone? It's not even midnight yet. I honestly wanted to give feedback to my professors, but I, like a lot of people, left it until the last minute, and now I can't. Only semi-related to courseworks. But man, I'm angry.

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