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Here you have it, the dramatic conclusion! Now you can finally watch them all again in order like you did with Harry Potter.

Arrangement: Connor Spahn & Reuben Arnold
Lyrics: Pat Blute & Amirah Sequeira
Vocals: Uptown Vocal ( and Kasia Borowiec
Audio Editing: Tareq Abuissa
Choreographer: Victoria Pollack
Dancers: Rachel Chavez, Margaret Cowie, Sonia Neuburger, Victoria Pollack, Laura Quintela, Mary Shorey, Myriam Varjacques
Special thanks: Columbia Cheerleaders, CU Marching Band, Uptown Vocal, CCO, Spicy Special, Village Pourhouse, The Deans, Office of Student Affairs, Josh Maslin, Ben Grossman, Aki Teraski, Elizabeth Kipp-Gusti, Virat Gupta, CCSC, Brenda Salinas, Kasia Borowiec, Kel Spyrou, Alexa Goldson, Louise McCune, Brandon Thompson, Will Leonard, Alec Goldberg, Karla Casariego, Kenny Durell, Rohan Jotwani, Amirah Sequeria, Erik Nook, Colleen Shaffer, Christia Mercer, Deantini
Edited by: Pat Blute

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  2. Anonymous  

    This is the most school spirit this school has ever seen.

  3. 3:16  

    was the best part of the whole series. I'm terrified.

  4. Anonymous  

    i'm confused. is this the last hardcore episode?

  5. So much love  

    Absolutely the best of the series! Some of the others had no focus and were too full of gimmicks, but this video makes me genuinely happy I'm at Columbia!

  6. Let's be honest...

    This is the new school song.

  7. Underwhelming  

    But still damn, that was a hell of a lot of school pride, and it made me smile. Love you guys.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    But also, let's talk about how fucking cool those UV kids are.

  10. Anonymous

    This was such a nice "feel good" production!

  11. gay

    I love how flamboyant KevSho is!

  12. In Butler  

    3 people around me watching this. It's Finals Week!

    This video is awesome guys. Thanks for making being here at 11:30 pm a lot less miserable.

  13. Anonymous

    this was the best one! everyone did a great job! and i like that the administration played along so well. Schollenberger is so cool!

  14. Liberace  

    Even I thought that was too gay.

  15. Anonymous

    This makes me so happy! Almost made me forget about how crappy my paper is...

  16. spicy special  

    so kyoooot

  17. John  

    Even with how much I hate a capella, that was still awesome.

  18. Anonymous  

    For a moment I thought I loved Columbia; then I realized, yes, I actually do. Forget the cynics, just get on campus, and dance! Good job, Pat. =]

  19. Anonymous  

    thank you bwog

  20. This was

    pretty much the "Heaven's Gate" of Columbia Memes

  21. Anonymous  

    not a big fan about the quality of singing. the rest was great.

  22. Anonymous  

    I will never forget this video.

  23. Nicole L.  

    Love it. What a great way to end a series that definitely got me through the first part of finals week. Bravo!

  24. Sean Walsh  

    Omg Ke$ho calls himself Ke$ho. This is the best day of my life.


  25. whoa  

    that was awesome. loved it!

    also, check out that em dash in the url! surrounded by two hyphens! the geek in me is going crazy!

  26. Pat Blute

    forgot to wash his hands after using the restroom. I would not have high fived him.

  27. can someone  

    please make an animated GIF of 1:29-1:30. that clip needs to be looped ad infinitum

  28. Legolas of the Woodland Realm  


    but seriously though, that was amazing how you got the 20 second pan of the birds into Butler. RESPECT GOOD SIRS!

  29. Anonymous  

    that was awesome and I never knew that I wasn't the only one who thought, "not aki terasaki again..." hahahaha

  30. Bombed my CC final  

    but this made me feel so much better! Thank you to all involved!

  31. I watch this  

    And I realize there are people around me who wouldn't get it - who don't know who EKG is, what 'Ke$ho' means, what Amy meant to us, who the Spicy Special people are, or what shirts those CCO people were wearing...

    ...and I become SO grateful for all the amazing people I know here.

  32. senior  

    not gonna lie, i was bawling by the end of this.

  33. WOW  

    Kasia Borowiec's singing at the end is SO GOOD! You go, Kash!!!!!

  34. ecn2114

    Ummm... INCREDIBLE!! I was so impressed.

  35. not a fan  

    of the vocals... but loved ke$sho at the end!

  36. I...  

    ...needed that. Thank you :)

  37. Anonymous

    wow. THAT was SO awesome. thank you. my heart swells with pride to go here...

  38. senior

    Thank you Pat for including Professor Jeffrey Sachs. the amazing faculty is the reason I'm truly proud to go to Columbia.

  39. Julia Owens

    It's the Crown 15' lipdub all over again!

  40. yay patty!

    PATTY CAKES!!!!! someone should write a song about you for being soooo legendary! this was amazing!!!!! go you and thank you for all of your hard work!

  41. CC '11

    This brings back so many memories.... amazing work! im so far away from Columbia and this video makes me want to go back

  42. Anonymous  

    awks that this is now my fourth time watching this. euuuuh.

  43. Anonymous  

    a thank you to Hillel!

  44. Anonymous  

    Kev sho is my fav

  45. Anonymous  

    Its 5AM, I'm still working on this paper, but watching this video made me smile in a stupendous way and my spirit lift a few inches off the ground. Amazing work. THANK YOU Pat Blute and everyone involved for making this week all the more tolerable. From Kasia's lovely singing to Aki's split screen charm to Dean Shollenberger's impeccable delivery, this was just excellent.

  46. Anonymous  

    I realize this was posted a couple days ago, but I didn’t think it worthwhile to watch it until I got to this point trying to completely reorganize a 10-page paper when I should be studying for the two back-to-back information-heavy exams I have tomorrow, and I have to say it seriously made me feel a lot better and put a little Columbia pride into this direst of finals weeks. Thanks guys!

    • Anonymous  

      Exactly how I feel. I'm writing a 12-er right now and I have two finals tomorrow I haven't studied for (oops). But this made me smile and made me happy to be at Columbia. We need more school spirit like this!

  47. Amirah Sequeira is a goddess!  

    Lyrics + 3:10-3:11 = 'nough said.

  48. Anonymous  

    I have two finals today and I woke up with this song stuck in my head. However, instead of making me want to rip my own ears off in a fit of rage, it just keeps making me happy and optimistic about my finals. So thanks.

  49. Anonymous  

    This was an awesome video. References were right on.

    But there were definitely some issues with the vocals... I've heard Uptown Vocal before and they sound good, so this is no insult to them. But maybe it would've helped to do another take or something... especially on the choruses with the male vocalists.

  50. Dude...  

    I'd see KeSho over Seacrest any day.

  51. Anonymous

    Literally the best thing all semester...

  52. rra2116

    Pat, I love you. This is amazing, and you're incredible!

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