Overseen in Dodge: Creative Juices Flowing

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So some TAs were apparently enjoying some barley variety of no-no juice in Dodge Hall. And of course it was Brooklyn Lager and Yuengling, because creative types pursuing MFAs aren’t going to drink corporate beer like Anheuser-Busch. Do TAs have finals? Do these TAs have finals?

TAs, they're just like us!


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  1. Anonymous

    High on the shelf so the little kids can't get at it...

  2. Anonymous  

    wait, do TAs have finals...

  3. Anonymous  

    "mixing work and play is the theme of our generation" haha nice tag, but i feel like drinking during work used to be more common. madmen anyone?

  4. Anonymous

    The no-no juice is for grading finals.

  5. From what I can remember...

    Everyone in the art department was drunk (or at least buzzed) 24/7. We'd bring magnum bottles of wine to class and nobody cared.

  6. I'm pretty sure  

    both of those brands are privately-held *corporations* (to get all technical and shit).

    But I, too, thoroughly support buying beer that's not part of the Busch-Miller-Coors trinity. Anything's better than that piss-water. They that rely on bullshit multi-million dollar marketing deals to push their swill onto the masses.

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