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Finals may let you down, but this guy never will

As you glance around the Reference Room, “cute” is probably the last word you would use to describe the sickly, sleep-deprived, and saddened masses surrounding you. But if you’re in need of a study break (and we know you are), then there are several little bundles of cuteness waiting for you. That’s right, the puppies are here!

The schedule of events:

John Jay Lounge
1 pm – 3 pm: PUPPIES
1 pm – 4 pm: crafts, bluegrass, and hot drinks
3 pm – 4 pm: Yoga taught by Zoe LePage, BC’13, a Yoga alliance certified instructor. The Art of Living club will provide mats, but if you have your own then please bring it!

Furnald aka Fur-nald Lounge
1 pm – 3 pm: PUPPIES
1 pm – 4 pm: Stressbusters back rubs, crafts, hot cocoa, and cider.

So fluffy I’m gonna die via Wikimedia

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  1. hey bwog  

    why are there nypd patrolling the third floor of butler

  2. this is nice

    except for those of us done with finals already. WHERE ARE OUR PUPPIES

  3. souveniers  

    til 3pm, or while supplies last...

  4. Anonymous

    Zoe LePage s a fucking sweetheart, love her.

  5. Anonymous

    why is everyone so obsessed with these puppies?? I feel like one person made this cool and now everyone is obsessed...cmon columbia community, lets pick something else to obsess over

  6. Anonymous  

    This was so wonderful. I might well fail organic chemistry tomorrow but at least I'll do it with a smile upon my face. Whoever thought of this is a genius and I sincerely hope they never decide to use their powers for evil.

  7. Anonymous

    We need photos!

  8. was there  

    i wanted to enjoy this but to be honest several of those puppies looked extremely unhappy and overwhelmed... sort of killed the mood.

    cider was good though!

  9. Anonymous

    On behalf of Mister Mattingly the boxer and all the other pet partners from the Delta Society, thank you for the opportunity. You guys rocked today and we enjoyed spending time with you. Good luck with your exams. (do a search on 'Mattingly Boxer Sprinkler' on YouTube to see Matty when he was a bit younger in Denver - leave a comment if you like).

  10. Smiling Students  

    I have never before seen so many happy Columbia students in one place. Not COOP. Not NSOP. Not graduation.

    Thanks Mr.Mattingly and co!

  11. Anonymous  

    "Whoever thought of this is a genius and I sincerely hope they never decide to use their powers for evil."

  12. Anonymous  


    • silver lining  

      at least you had it better than the other half of the freshman class: they still have to take Frontiers next semester.

      • Anonymous  

        Yeah... unless this person ends up being in the 90% of the freshman class that has an absolutely miserable asshole for a UW professor.

        Also, I have frosh friends and frontiers started at 2 pm-- they went to pet puppies before the exam. So either s/he was taking an exam other than frontiers, or s/he doesn't know how to tell time.

  13. Anonymous  

    this was literally the best thing that ever happened at columbia. it was AMAZING. golden retrievers are the best. i feel bad for anyone that decided to stay in the library instead of taking half an hour to get some puppy love, a back rub, drink a hot chocolate and play with coloring markers.

  14. Anonymous  

    they weren't even puppies...let alone cute. total letdown.

  15. next time  

    we should get kitties. nothing relieves stress like pussy

  16. bark out goes to

    Carolyn R and Claire D for making this happen

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