College Student Reported Missing Has Been Found

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Update, 5:11: Director of Communications, Kat Cutler, told us Jacob has been found and is now with his family. Another university official also confirmed he is at home and well.

According to Spec, Columbia College senior Jacob Inwood has been reported missing after last being seen December 14th at the Milburn, New Jersey train station. Posters produced by Public Safety have been spotted around campus since late yesterday. Bwog is in the process of speaking to Student Affairs and Public Safety, and we will update this post if we learn more.

People with information concerning Jacob’s whereabouts are directed to contact the 26th Precinct Detective Squad at 212-678-1351, or Public Safety at 212-854-5555.

We send our best to Jacob’s family and hope for his safe return.

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  1. Anonymous  

    really hope this isn't something bad. get home safe Jacob.

  2. Anonymous  

    wow. that was quick

  3. Anonymous  

    I'm praying for you, Jake. Wish you were here on campus struggling with finals with the rest of us.

  4. Anonymous  

    20 minutes... new record of being lost.

  5. Anonymous  

    Please take this down. Jake is no longer missing.

  6. Anonymous  

    i saw the missing poster yesterday. he's in one of my classes and i dont know him well at all but i was worried about his well-being. im glad he's at home now!

  7. Anonymous

    So glad this did not end up with bad news!

  8. CC'11

    I was away from campus for a fucking week last year and no one cared to look for me!

  9. So jake,  

    where'd ya go?

  10. CS Major

    This actually happens to me fairly regularly, where people think I've disappeared just because I spent the past 10 days in the CLIC lab.

  11. Honestly...  

    everyone is stressed about finals, but not everyone engages in stunts that are cries for attention.

  12. Anonymous  

    You guys all need to shut the hell up. Jake is an incredible person and, like all of us, has some shit to deal with. Everyone deals with things in different ways, and clearly he needed some time to himself. Some of you are really a bunch of insensitive pricks. He's going to be infinitely more successful than the vast majority of you, I have no doubt in my mind. Until then, mind your fucking business.

  13. Jacob Inwood

    Hi all, this is Jake! Im okay! No stunt was attempted! I have overprotecting parents and I failed to check my phone for 2 days..and they wanted to make sure I was ok. This is kind of embarrassing, and I didn't mean to cause any disorder or mayhem, and would appreciate if this post ..and those on spec and around campus...would be taken down! Thank you for those who left loving messages..and haters..glad I gave you something to whine about for 20 seconds...but wish everyone a healthy and safe finals period.

    In all seriousness, I'm sorry for causing this mess, and would like to thank those who have reached out to me to make sure everything is ok, and also would like to thank campus security for taking this seriously, in case this were indeed an emergency. Safe studying and holidays!


  14. Anonymous  

    I know Jake from a couple of classes we've had together and I was really concerned for him. I don't appreciate people on this forum making assumptions and calling names. There is obviously a reason why this happened, if there were reasons beyond his power that made him go missing,then I am sincerely thankful he is unharmed.
    If this was for attention, as many allege, he had his reasons and motivations that pushed him to do that. Would you have preferred he had dealt with the situation differently, possibly something worse? How differently would you have reacted? You would have been lamenting not being able to do anything about it, or at least try to help. That's how I think about it, though there are implications to your actions if you do something like that, I think that any cry for help should be heard and acknowledged. I would definitely prefer any scare than crying over someone I know getting hurt. Think before you type. Don't assume.

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