Happy Chanukah Cholumbia

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Bwog wishes you a very happy Hannukah! (Pro-tip: It’s pronounced with a throaty “h” sound, not like “ch” in chat). Right now, Chabad is celebrating with a massive menorah on Low, and Hillel is sponsoring candle-lighting in Shapiro, Carman and the Barnard Quad. Spin gimels, stuff your face with free donuts, and wash it down with some cider.

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  1. I remember  

    listening to this as a kid and not knowing what marijuanakah was

  2. Anonymous  

    cholumbia sounds like we're a school of cholas.

  3. Happy Hannukah!  

    Please join us in Shapiro right NOW!!!

  4. Anonymous  

    Free jelly donuts in the Kraft Center now!!! (across from schapiro)

  5. Anonymous  

    this is a plot to prevent us from studying

  6. Anonymous  

    i love this. chappy chanukah!

  7. I lol'd  

    "Harrison Ford is a quarter Jewish--NOT TOO SHABBY"

  8. The correct Chanukah video is actually  

    Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

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