Overheard: Self-Awareness Is Overrated

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Bagels and cream cheese; Debate of real facts ensues; Overheard haiku

Lend us your ear as we eavesdrop on the heated debate casual conversation of two Nussbaum patrons re: multiplication tables and the the real definition of “precociousness” (it’s Bwog, and you know it).

Nussbaum Patron 1: I was very precocious. I remember that in third grade, I argued with my teacher about whether their definition of multiplication was correct.

Nussbaum Patron 2: You must have been wrong.

NP1: Yeah, but it was an interesting point.

NP2: That’s not precocious, that’s dumb.

NP1: I’m sure I was precocious about it. I still don’t know my multiplication tables by the way.


Opportunity to use “B.I.L.F.” scrollover text via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. I love  

    everything about this

  2. Anon  

    I just hope "B.I.L.F" doesn't stand for what I think it does... Bwog, even though finals can deprive you of human contact, there are still people outside of these walls. Trust me, I've seen them on occasion.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry but Absolute is the only B.I.L.F

  4. The "precocious" third-grader  

    I actually did mean precocious, but in fact it was only questionably precocious.

  5. What

    happened to that poor, defenseless bagel? Are those sunflower seeds? The horror!

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