Don’t Hail That Cab Just Yet

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Hooray! [Some of ] You are done with finals. So what’s next? Before you cram all of your belongings into an unreasonable number of suitcases and ship home for the holidays to bask in the glory of parental bickering and endless free food, Bwog has a few simple reminders for you.

Use Carsplit to save yourself some money on the way to the airport. You might even make a new friend! Maybe you’ll be best friends! Then you can nostalgically look back and say “Remember that one time in the taxi?” Alternatively, you could always use mass transit.

Before you forget just how great/awful your classes were, write Culpa reviews. You can unleash your pent-up rage or expound on the wonders of your favorite professors—all for the good cause of helping out your classmates. It is the holidays, after all.

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  1. Or just take mass transit  

    The E goes to JFK (switch at Times Square/Port Authority) and the M60 goes to the Harlem Metro-North station and LaGuardia. Cheap and easy.

  2. Non-conformist

    Counting Crows instead of Joni Mitchell?! #occupybwog

  3. Thursday afternoon exams suck  

    If you are done, I hate you.

  4. Anonymous

    I always love how bwog tells me about cool ideas like this or other neat events on campus only a few days after it is too late

  5. i like  

    Joni Mitchell's version better.

  6. the music

    is so mainstream little pussy

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