Hang in There, Folks!

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While most of you have BS’d your way through your last final by now, we know there’s a small, yet valiant group of Columbians who still have an test or two standing in the way of their post-finals freedom. Though nothing is quite as satisfying as turning in that last exam (or as cathartic as drinking a Heights margarita directly afterward), this video really made us smile. So, to all those still trucking along, remember: you’re almost done! Everything will be okay.

We give you a cover of “Yellow” by Coldplay, courtesy of JJ 15-ers Brendan Chamberlain-Simon and Nathan Chan (of String Theory cello quartet fame):

P.S. No matter how terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad everyone’s finals may be, you’re still allowed to smile. Butler bitches may glare, but eff the haters—it’s okay to giggle every once in a while. Grumpiness is overrated, anyway.

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  1. Upperclassman admirer

    Lick-Wilmerding represent!

  2. Anonymous

    This made me really happy, thank you Bwog, thank you guys. Or maybe, I'm just happy by virtue of being done with finals? Either way, I enjoyed this... almost sober.

  3. Anonymous  

    whenever i see things like this (super talented/smart/incredible columbia students doing something they're truly passionate about and clearly enjoy) i am overwhelmed by how much i love this place and the people who go here

  4. shameless promotion  

    Brendan is sooooo talented. I hear he's managing editor of the Federalist too.

    But seriously, this made me smile in Butler which is no easy feat.

  5. JJ 15 alum

    Back in my day... john jay 15 dorms were a lot smaller, and comprised of all singles. This video is awesome, brings back many jj memories.

    Keep rockin and happy holidays everyone.

  6. Anonymous  

    Nathan Chan is actually the coolest, most genuine kid ever.

  7. Anonymous  

    i love you bwog.

  8. another jj15 alum

    Way to keep the JJ-15 tradition alive

  9. bwog  

    is like oxygen to me. i'm gonna miss this kind of stuff over winter break.

  10. Anonymous  

    I heard this song is actually about rotten semen... glad to see they matched the mood appropriately, especially in the cellist's facial expressions.

  11. Anonymous

    so do they kick you out if you get an F?

  12. JJ-15 alum  

    Represent! We used to have jam sessions, too (albeit not as pretty as that). Also that is some BEAUTIFUL cello.

  13. Oceanography  


  14. Anonymous  

    cello really steals the spotlight on this one

  15. Anonymous

    Tags were completely spot on. Love these boys. Love the tags.
    This made me happy.

  16. Anonymous

    I LOVE me some Nathan Chan!!!

  17. Amy Chua

    Piano or violin. Cello is unacceptable.

  18. whaaaat  

    who is nathan chan i have a crush on him

  19. Anonymous


  20. cello lova

    nathan chan, will you marry me?

  21. More importantly

    Where's Bo$$ $tatu$ at?

  22. that's my room

    but also like good music and stuff

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