Merry Christmas, Columbia!

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We wish you a ludachristmas! So does this guy, spotted sprinting down College Walk.  He sounds eerily like the gingerbread man from Shrek, right?
Grab your coziest Cosby sweater and peppermint tea, and join us, vicariously, as we watch Christmas specials under heaps of blankets. It’s been some year.

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  1. Anonymous

    Bwog, thank you for that awesome Christmas gift! Hilarious.

  2. ahaahahaahahahaah

    aahahahahahhaahhahahahahaahhhahah merry f'in Christmas to you too, Columbia. You strange, disturbed little place, you. Love ya.

  3. Anonymous

    I like how no one else is looking at him like he's weird....I guess this isn't that out of the ordinary, huh?

  4. Anonymous

    There should be a rule for teachers to not release any grades/grade emails on Christmas Day. -_-

  5. Anonymous

    only at columbia.

  6. anonymous

    watched this three times laughing so hard. he does sound like the "real" gingerbread man from shrek...bahahah

  7. Anonymous

    where did you get this video?

  8. what is with

    the idiots who don't understand how the track button works. we're not even on campus anymore... too lazy to switch ips?

  9. Anonymous

    our grades are often posted later than the official deadline, but when are they technically due?

  10. Showed this to

    my mom, my grandma, and basically all my relatives. They loved it.

  11. Still

    haven't gotten any of my grades back anyone on the same boat?
    Btw, anonymous I think they have a two week window

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