PrezBo Skipped The Fall Arts and Sciences Meeting

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Several professors have confirmed to Bwog that PrezBo was conspicuously absent at the fall Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) meeting. While PrezBo has admittedly had a very long semester, so too have his FAS, who’ve spent much of the past year fighting cuts to faculty benefits.

PrezBo’s office has no comment about why he didn’t attend the fall meeting, or whether he’ll make it to the next one. Several sources have confirmed that he will take a break from wining and dining the global intelligentsia at the BoMansion to wine and dine with the global intelligentsia at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos.

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  1. Lee Bollinger  

    FAS? more like FAGS lol. What are they going to do, talk to Spec about me again?

  2. well

    bollinger is a scumbag.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, this is an incredible comment. You might be right, but what really strikes me is that this represents a terrific change in sentiment towards the "PrezBo" so many of us loved a few years ago.

      McKinsey/MiMoo incident?

  3. Anonymous  

    At the meeting, VP Dirks said the FAS Planning and Policy Committee had asked that the President not attend all FAS meetings, since reports from the President and Provost have tended to last for much of the meeting, leaving little time for faculty discussion. But it's worse if the President is out of touch. They might want to rethink this.

  4. comp sci guy

    i wonder who prezbo is,
    what he does, and where he lives.
    is he a pothead with too many zits?
    a janitor at columbia or a bloody brit?

    how the hell should i know?
    he may be president of u-chicago

    man, my phones ringing off the hook
    come to my dorm and it's a telephone riot
    ring a ding a ling a ling
    im more agitated than a columbia lion

    is prezo there? HELL NO.
    is prezo there? HELL NO.
    is prezo there? HELL NO.
    is prezo there? HELL NO.

  5. nwbar

    FAS meetings — as mandatory as Under1Roof.

  6. ...

    he was probably off somewhere giving a speech in support of for-profit education scams like his beloved kaplan university.

  7. Anonymous

    i miss you bwog!!

    • anon  

      i miss bwog too -- old bwog that is. you see, bwog this semester and bwog last semester are like day and night, or like snooki-season-1 and snooki-omg-you're-actually-not-acting. please bwog, get a hold of yourself.

  8. Anonymous

    Now taking bets on where he is for vacation.

    Any guesses?
    Hope it's a nice one, seeing how he's using our tuition money...

  9. Anonymous

    Are the engineering professors still pissed at the Dean, and by extension, Prezbo?

  10. Lee Bollinger

    you are all such little biches

  11. Lee Bollinger

    Get your act together, Bwog. There's not a single mention of my hair in this post.

  12. What is our president's

    favorite dessert?

    The Prez Bo-nana split!

  13. Anonymous

    I still have no grades and my first final was December 9th. I hate columbia!!

  14. Stop everything!!

    Beyonce is giving birth at St. Luke's!!

  15. wow 39 comments?

    columbia really gets antsy when bwog goes on vacation

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