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Okay, that Real World exists too—but more importantly there’s that one plagued by tons of problems as well as a bunch of conceited head-cases on all sides of issues vying to be in charge of the whole mess. Maybe that describes both real worlds, come to think of it. Anyway, the 2012 election cycle took off with a bang in Iowa the other day, and if you’re anything like us, you’re a little out of the loop as you catch up on the sleep you missed during finals. We sympathize; the winter break coma is a real and medically diagnosable condition. So for those of you who’ve refused to crack open a newspaper (or switch on an iPad), here’s the quick and dirty for the 2012 Republican Iowa Caucuses.

Best In Show

Mitt Romney won the contest by a mere eight votes (one of the closest in modern political history), Rick Santorum behind him in second place, Ron Paul in third, and Newt Gingrich after him.

The name of the game for much of the GOP primary battle in 2011 was, “who can be the best not-Mitt Romney.” First it was Michele Bachmann, then Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and finally (?) Rick Santorum and Ron Paul both appear to have received attention and poll bumps without really doing much of anything, besides not being wealthy Mormon financiers. This is, of course, national, but the real battle takes place in early primary voting states, like Iowa and New Hampshire.

After the 24/7 2011 media shit storm surrounding the GOP primary, voting mercifully began on Tuesday for the 2012 Republican Iowa Caucus. This is a contest for around 1% (25 delegates) of the total national delegates in the Republican convention, in a state with only 614,913 registered Republican voters, and with voter turnout of only 19.9% to boot. There are approximately double the number of people in Harlem (210,000) as voted on Tuesday, but don’t expect Anderson to show up at polling stations along 125th this November.

 chart via Keith Humphreys

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  1. RON PAUL 2012


  2. Real thoughts

    Jon Huntsman is so sexy. He's my alternative to Anderson.

  3. hi

    are there any anti-capitalist candidates? , im looking for one.

  4. How did Rick Perry

    describe his performance in Iowa?

    "I took a Repub-lickin'."

  5. Anonymous

    can someone who downvoted this elaborate?

  6. Anonymous

    Bwog, either you are a status quo liar or are ignorant and misinformed. Ron Paul is working so hard to spread his message of real change but the greedy media is being paid to ignore and slander him in any way possible. His supporters volunteer to inform others and you should listen to his ideas before you judge him. He's different from the rest of the phony politicians.

  7. hooray

    Another media outlet adds to the horse race coverage.

    If Bwog had something to contribute about the election that was relevant to students or something that they'd have a better perspective on I'd be more interested. Congressional hearings on SOPA and academia, the issues with getting long term and temporary academic visas for professors after 9/11, etc. are things that about as interesting that a campus media outlet is in a position to say something relevant and new on rather than being a poor man's New York Times.

  8. Anonymous  

    Hey bwog, How about real news. Like how any american citizen can be held without charges indefinitely, with a 'review' every 36 months. That was signed into the law over the break.

    Or how the senate is once again trying to pass a whole-sale internet censorship bill whose main moving force is that it has some big industry money behind it.

    The primary system is a stupid and outdated political circus.

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