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Barry Kane, voice of the registrar, emailed all undergrads on Friday last to remind us about the upcoming winter registration period. Accordingly, most of us have all forgotten already.

So, here’s your last-minute¬†get up tomorrow morning for 9:30 am registration (or later if you live out in the periphery) reminder. Sophomores, this is a BFD. You have, like, twelve hours to figure out what you might want to major in. For now. Full email after the jump.

To All of Our Continuing Undergraduate Students:
I hope that you have been enjoying a restful holiday break and are looking forward to the start of the new semester ahead. The staff in Student and Administrative Services welcomes you back to New York and the beginning of the spring 2012 semester. Classes begin on Tuesday, January 17th.

I write now to remind you that the second additional registration window for the spring semester will be available to you beginning on Monday, January 9th. As I have indicated in the past, the additional registration windows follow the work and recommendations of the Classroom Committee, chaired by Professor Jean Howard. You will be able to add and drop classes, online through SSOL, during the following days and times:

Monday, January 9th, from 9:30 a.m. through 9:45 p.m. Tuesday, January 10th, through Friday, January 13th, at designated appointment times displayed via SSOL.

The intent of the upcoming registration window is to ensure that course enrollments are as accurate as possible prior to the start of the spring semester, thus enhancing classroom allocation and TA assignments, as well as assisting you in refining your program of study prior to the official start of classes.

Please see your primary academic adviser if you have any questions about your program of study or the forthcoming registration window next week.


Barry S. Kane

Associate Vice President and University Registrar

Columbia University in the City of New York

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  1. Californian

    WHY do I live three time zones behind my school?????

  2. wait

    so isn't it "or EARLIER if you live out in the periphery"?

  3. What did the lion say

    when it couldn't get into a required class for the spring semester?

    "I'd like to see the registroAAAAARR"!

  4. undecided sophomore


  5. Anonymous  

    server is busy... bullshit

  6. Office Space

    "Sorry, the database serving Web Registration is busy now. Please try again shortly. "


  7. Anonymous  

    why offer extra registration periods if your servers can't handle the horde

  8. Also

    I have become increasingly annoyed by the lack of openings in my desired CC section, and accordingly, I propose that y'all betta gtfo plzkthnx<333

  9. Anonymous

    Someone post the MusicHum instructors please.

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