Overheard: Neither Hair Nor There

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Eat your hearts out, mysterious SCE couple.

As the first day of classes draws nearer and nearer, you should prepare yourself for classmates’ and professors’ accounts of how they spent their breaks (even if, like us, your only response is to admit you spent it in a raggedy Hanson tee-shirt, blogging). Tales of alleged “reading for fun” are sure to abound, amidst anecdotes of travel, near and far. You might be surprised that some Columbians even made it as far as the Shire—the following teaser was overheard at the School of Continuing Education.

“My husband and I once watched all of Lord Of The Rings, just to see their facial hair.”

What we can only hope is a close-up of a face via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Why, Bwog?

    Why did you have to add that tag? Why?

  2. dear god.

    dear god why? why can't I control my curiosity-fueled impulses?

    • guy who wasnt grossed out by 2girls1cup  

      i wiki'd it too. i didnt find it that bad at all. what's so gross about it? if you don't like hairy women, don't date them. i know i don't :P

      am i missing something here?

  3. What is the most popular

    schoolyard game to play if you're a blogger?


  4. Anonymous

    I'm still missing two grades for seminar classes. Is it common for it to take this long?

  5. That alt text

    Too much, Bwog. Too much.

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