Bwoglines: Video Killed the Columbia Student Edition

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Is there virtual beer in the future?

Bwog saw you crying in the Lerner bathroom yesterday/subsequently eating your feelings at Cafe East—don’t worry, we promise we won’t blackout on you again any time soon. CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, thinks we shouldn’t, either. (Slate)

If our overuse of the whole “blackout” pun wasn’t enough for you, check out the funniest tweets to come out of the SOPA protest. (Mother Jones)

Turns out you don’t have to go anywhere to follow your wildest internship dreams (provided they involve surfing porn the Internet). Follow these Columbians’ leads and land a virtual one. (Businessweek)

When it comes to never leaving your room, why stop at internships? Dustin Rubenstein, Columbia professor and NYT science blogger, and three other professors at prestigious universities across the country are co-teaching a virtual seminar on social evolution for Vanderbilt students this semester. (Inside Vandy)

As much as we want to believe our Physics professors are wrong, it turns out most people have a lot of wrong ideas about how science works. Even after students learn about these topics in school, they still get the concepts wrong. We’ll file this one under “FroSci.” (Time)

Robots taking over the world via Flickr

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  1. copyedit please  

    Don't you mean "we promise not to blackout on you"?

  2. Anonymous  

    The Vanderbilt course is actually an official Columbia course too: W3915 Comparative Social Evolution. It's a one-time course that meets Wednesdays 1-3 in Schermerhorn Extension. Space is still available.

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