John Jay Emerges From Its Cocoon; Wing-Flapping Ensues

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Agonize no longer about what John Jay’s facelift will mean for the ambiance of your favorite date spot—its shiny tabletops and questionably sauced meats glisten once again under lights much too bright for a Campo Mel’s hangover.

Wethinks the juxtaposition of the round tables with the floor’s neutral-colored quadrants conveys the plight of a carefree freshperson molding him/herself to the world of strict bureaucratic systems and hard-lined tradition. Or, like, budget-adherence.

According to Rosie Fernandez of Dining, they’ve “finished phase 2 of the John Jay Dining Room restoration project,” which includes terazzo floor, “the floor that was originally in the dining room.” Additionally, they “removed the railings to allow additional flexibility in moving the tables.”

Spotted: lukewarm, weirdly-flavored soups

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  1. The changes suck.  

    So weird walking around among all the circular tables...so tightly jammed together that if one person scoots out their chair you need to find another way through...but they cant remove any of them, because then there wouldn't be enough seating... got rid of all the 2 person tables, i'm sure because some columbia suit wanted to "build community" by making a quick lunch incredibly awkward if you don't go with friends. the long, rectangular tables were perfect. This is not.

  2. Anonymous

    The square tables seat many more people.

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