Bwoglines: Mixed Bag Edition

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Mixed bags, get it?

Why did the number of applicants to Columbia dwindle to a mere 32,000? Perhaps the kids realized  it’s “impossible” to get in so they’ve all stopped applying, or more likely, it’s because Harvard and Princeton brought back early action. (Business Week)

Mayor Bloomberg already takes Spanish lessons, but this year he wants to try a new language: Javascript. And he’s going to use Columbia alum/students’ Codecademy to learn it. (NYT, TPM)

In last night’s Republican debate, Rick Santorum claimed rivals Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich “were playing footsie with the left.” That’s not all Gingrich was playing footsie with; after the debate, his ex-wife claimed he asked her for an open marriage. (Youtube, ABC)

Yesterday morning, the Feds took down file-sharing sites MegaUpload and MegaVideo, arresting seven employees while sparing their CEO, Swizz Beats, who has worked with Jay-Z and as NYU’s producer-in-residence. No word on whether they’ll be back up in 72 minutes. (NYT, Rolling Stone)

A new Vietnamese sandwich shop just opened on 108th and Broadway, which means Columbians can finally try one of the hottest foods in the city: báhn bánh mì, a colonialist combination of traditional Vietnamese food served on a French baguette. The lens essay just writes itself! (Westside Rag)

Baker St, a band made up of Columbia alums and students (and one random Fordham kid), has sort of hit it big. Their new EP is dropping tonight and they’re headlining a show downtown at The Delancey. It’s not free, but who knows? Like every other Columbia band for the last five years, they could be next Vampire Weekend. (Baker St, the Delancey)

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  1. Anonymous  

    Noooooooo! Don't take away my MegaVideo shows : (

  2. Good thing

    it wasn't youporn.

  3. Viet  

    It's spelled Bánh Mì

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