Chronicles of Existentialism: Wrong-Aid

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  1. I think you mean


  2. Anonymous  

    ... I don't get it

    • I think  

      it's a criticism of any Columbia student who settles for anything 'less' than moleskins

    • My understanding of it...  

      “A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost.”
      i.e., It is the concession that one is defeated that brings one into the state of defeat. The notebook is not useless unless one concedes that it is useless. The tipster has validated the notebook as a notebook by purchasing it despite its flaws - where some might see the misaligned hole-punches and think "Well, what's the point?" this student went through with the purchase and (presumably) will use the botched boo--actually, you know what? It's Friday. I am going to go outside now.

  3. Anonymous

    this makes no sense at all.

    p.s. mead is better than moleskin because mead is 1/4 of the price.

  4. Anonymous  

    it's the hole punches y'all...they're a bit off as in totally off

  5. Awkward  

    You know you go to an Ivy League school when BWOG spells MoleskinE wrong

  6. Anonymous

    Moleskines are so bourgie...Field Notes are hands down the best "upscale" (?) notebook.

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