Early Phi Beta Kappa for 2012!

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This key has something to do with Phi Beta Kappa.

Columbians, prepare to lash out in insecurity! CC 2012’s first batch of inductees to Phi Beta Kappa has been announced, and will be inducted into the nation’s oldest academic honor society this month. A larger group of scholarly standouts will get the nod later in the semester. If this is all Greek to you, just ask Bwog. Congratulations, everyone!

  • Alexander Bedrosyan
  • David Berke
  • Zachary Brill
  • Stephen Chan
  • Megan Fauci
  • Alexander Frouman
  • Mario Gabriele
  • Matt Getz
  • Amin Ghadimi
  • Alexa Goldson
  • Jonathan Huggins
  • Kazunari Inoki
  • Joon Ho Kang
  • Ashley Kummerlowe
  • Sheldon Kwok
  • Zachary Levine
  • Elizabeth Munroe
  • Erik Nook
  • Tara Pesce
  • Anthony Testa
  • Anoushka Vaswani
  • Qiurui Wang

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  1. Anonymous  

    so many of these people are so, so wonderful! they really deserve this! congrats guys!!

  2. Anonymous  

    shout out to:

    amin - who is so nice and intelligent that anyone who ever gets to take a class with him should consider themselves lucky

    zach - who is incredibly friendly and personable while still dominating the anthro dept like it's nobody's business

    elizabeth - who is not only an awesome person but also gives all jocks at columbia a good name by perfectly juggling schoolwork and swimming/waterpolo

    erik - whose compassion for all of the students at columbia and work through stressbusters has truly left a mark on this community--AND he rocks at psych on the side.

    you guys are great! congrats!

  3. Anonymous  

    what are the requirements to be inducted into phi beta kappa?

  4. all the chicks here  

    are marriage material.

    come. let us bang.

  5. Is it Chuck Testa

    Nope, Anthony Testa

  6. Biased  

    Zach Levine is the most lovely assemblage of an academic threat on this campus. He should wear a crown on graduation.

  7. You deserve it  

    Erik, congrats! I love you!

  8. Anonymous  

    Woohoo!!!! Sheldon!

  9. Anonymous  

    Congrats Sheldon!!!

  10. sixth year senior

    I never know the people who get PBK, although perhaps there is a reason for that.

  11. Anonymous

    Erik is super cute!

  12. Anonymous

    Congrats Zach Levine! You absolutely deserve it.

  13. Anonymous  

    congrats jonathan!!

  14. The Shadowy Mask

    Huh, funny how none of the SPEC staff made it in!

  15. Anonymous  


  16. Anonymous

    omg he's so horney and flamboyent! Love it!

  17. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Stephen!!

  18. foldingchair

    sheldon is so nice!! congrats!!

  19. Anonymous

    Congrats, Zach Brill! You totally deserve this!!!

  20. To Mr. Levine  

    It is really refreshing to know that such a beautiful soul accompanied by such a powerful mind is being institutionally recognized for it. Congratulations.

  21. foldingchair

    congrats shelderz!!!!!

  22. foldingchair

    congrats shelderzzzz!!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    David Berke yayyyyy!!! You are the cutest ;)

  24. Anonymous

    so so sweet! yay for him.

  25. Anonymous

    Because SEAS has its own honors' society. Tau Beta Pi.

  26. Anonymous

    mario is a chief!

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