Bwoglines: Breaking Free Edition

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Jerome in captivity

Break free of the dining halls this week and hit up some of New York’s top restaurants for Winter 2012’s restaurant week. Lunch for $24.07 and dinner for $35.00 lasts until February 10th, so take the plunge at the swankiest places the city has to offer in your swankiest business-casual attire. (nycgo)

And to make sure you get to dinner, MTA’s “snow brigade” is bracing itself to liberate the metro system from any threatening flurries. The authorities cancelled nearly all work on the subways this weekend and they have “super-powered snow throwers” and “specially-built de-icing cars” at the ready. (Gothamist)

Shoot for the stars: David Helfand, former astronomy chair and co-director of the Astrophysics Laboratory speaks to The New York Times about his pioneering at Quest University, where he serves as president to the alternative liberal arts school in Canada. Pros and cons of “block systems?” (NYT)

Bwog was reassured to learn that the opossum who hitched a ride on the D train last week has been released to freedom in the wild. The cute but toothy animal, nicknamed “Jerome” was confined for nine hours as transit authorities waited for animal control officials to come rescue them. We’re rooting for you, little buddy. (NYT)

General studies programs are breaking into the mainstream and accepting increasing numbers of applicants at many schools. Unlike our own GS, several universities are using their programs to accept slightly less qualified applicants who apply to the regular pool. The programs are often seen as transitional, with students joining the main undergraduate body after a couple of years. (NYT)

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  1. Anonymous  

    Sorry, Bwog, but possums are pretty much the antithesis of "cute."

  2. Yanyi  

    Tip for restaurant week -- you'll mostly be better off ordering from the actual menu, unless you absolutely want that sampling course.

    Because these restaurants get so traffic from that menu during this time, they're more likely to pre-package or pre-make those items, which makes them a little less fresh and maybe a little lower in quality than what the restaurant actually offers on a daily basis.

    The main trend of my marathon eatings: nice restaurants on this list actually aren't that expensive. You just have to pick the right menu item at the right time of day.

    • Anonymous

      OK, but what's the point of going to a restaurant during restaurant week and then ordering from the regular menu... during restaurant week the places are overcrowded and the service is not the most attentive.

  3. Anonymous  

    I guess that confirms Dean Awn's desire to sell a new name for the school. Conflating our GS with those GSes is a disservice.

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