Overheard: Growing Pains

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Pro-tip: Just don your nicest party dress always to avoid wasting time changing back and forth between events.

Think your workload is rough? Imagine having to squeeze it in between a demanding regime of “social planning” and, like, a million Bat Mitzvahs. The following exchange, overheard by a tipster waiting for the subway, falls somewhere in between precious and precocious.

“Sixth grade, you’re still trying to figure out who you are. Seventh grade is tough, between work and all the Bat Mizvahs, you know, social planning and all…8th grade is the best. You just rule the school. On one hand I want to stay, but also I think I’m ready to go to high school…I’m just not sure where I belong yet. I’ll figure it out by the next break though.”

We only wish we’d thought to use winter break so constructively.

Unrealistic proportions via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Anonymous  

    "I’m just not sure where I belong yet" is probably more of a comment on New York's public high school application system than a philosophical statement.

  2. An Old  

    Kids these days.
    *shakes cane*

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