Free Food…and Complaining!

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From 8 till 10 pm tonight, CCSC will be hosting a town hall gripe-fest in Lerner’s Satow Room. The Facebook hype page for What’s Wrong, Columbia? asks you to hold your student government accountable for your happiness as a human (or something like that), and we advise that you take advantage of this opportunity to do so. While enjoying free food, obviously: Bwog has been promised pizza. So bring your problems and suggestions, and let’s get everything out on the table.


Cranach's "Cupid Complaining to Venus"—You are Cupid, CCSC is Venus

Already-lodged complaints include:

  • “Why are there more benches at the gym than bench bars??”
  • “Schapiro, why do you have no hot water? and why are your showerheads biased against people taller than 5’8″?”
  • “Why is all the food at Ferris put away by 7:20 when they close at 8?”

Ahh, life’s eternal questions!

German Renaissance masterwork via Wikimedia



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  1. Anonymous  

    "Why does my student council have no system in place for accountability and doesn't even have meetings any more?"

  2. Anonymous

    Answer to 1: Because some people use free weights with the benches. Also, have you checked out the bar rack (set of vertical columns holding the bars)? I'm pretty sure there's enough bars for every bench.

  3. Confusing feelings  

    That pic is making me want to fuck CCSC.

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