Bag Snatch on Barnard Campus

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At 10:40 am, Antonio Gonzalez, Associate Director of Barnard College Public Safety, sent out this security alert regarding Saturday’s Grand Larceny committed against a Barnard student:

On Saturday, January 21, 2012 at approximately 12:45pm a Barnard
College student was the victim of a Grand Larceny: Bag Snatch on
Broadway and West 111 Street. The student was walking North on the
West Side of Broadway when they were approached from behind by the
perpetrator who grabbed her bag off her shoulder and fled East towards
Amsterdam Ave. The victim was alone and listening to music on her
IPhone at the time. The Description of the perpetrator is as follows:

Suspect: Male/White/6’/Blond Hair/Wearing a Black Jacket/ Blue Jeans/
No Further Description.

Please be cognizant of your property and your surroundings at all
times. If you observe anyone acting in a suspicious manner or you
feel threatened in any way call Barnard Public Safety at 212-854-3362
or the NYPD by dialing 911.

Antonio Gonzalez
Associate Director
Barnard College Public Safety


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  1. apple fanboy  

    when will Public Safety stop capitalizing the 'i' in everything please it's killing me

  2. Update 10:41 am

    April fools! we meant black male/6'/baggy pants/jordans.

  3. Misleading title

    So "bag" in the title is part of a compound noun, and not a verb, huh?

  4. Anonymous  

    a white robber? equality at last.

  5. Anonymous

    This shit sucks! You aren't safe at any time of day here anymore. I never see as many cops here as I see downtown, and while I understand that, you'd think Columbia would pay some of their gigantic endowment to increase security. More cameras, signs about there being cameras, foot patrols, and a general increase in visibility. I almost never see cops out at night even on weekends when people are the most vulnerable. That or we need a vigilante!

  6. Anonymous  

    get me the damn batmobile, alfred! it's time to dole out justice.

  7. Anonymous  

    lolololol unexpected reversal of stereotypes, yay!

    won't do much to change the looks I get on campus, though.

  8. Anonymous

    I've bagged snatch on the Barnard campus.

  9. Davey

    Since when is 111th and Broadway on the Barnard campus?

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