Bwoglines: Got the Blues Edition

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Is it Monday already?

A couple of people in butt pads threw around a ball last night and it was kind of a BD. As the Giants go into the Superbowl to face the Patriots in almost identical circumstances as the 2007 season, ESPN is calling it déjà blue. Is that similar to browning-out? (ESPN)

Football wasn’t the only show that McBainers missed last night when their cable went out. As Downton Abbey aired, revered history professor Simon Schama pointed out all the historical inaccuracies of the show and why people only watch it for the British accents. (UPI)

For those of us who couldn’t convince our parents to get a TV for our dorm rooms, there’s always the gift of song—too bad Columbia’s college song is considered one of the strangest and saddest out there. (HuffPo)

But if you’re all torn up listening to Sans Souci, you’ll be happy to discover that you’re not alone. Mitt Romney is still trying to find his soul, with a little help from B-school dean, Glenn Hubbard. (The Atlantic)

Déjà blue via Wikimedia Commons

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