How Many Obama Drinking Games Can You Think Of?

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He could probably go for some free pizza too

Hopefully, all of us politically minded, globally conscious students are aware of the 2012 State of the Union Address tonight. Rather than live-streaming it alone in your room, why not watch with some of the most politically conscious members on campus? The CU Dems, CU College Republicans, CPU, and the Roosevelt Institute invite you to a State of the Union watching party, plying you with free pizza at 9 pm in the Lerner Piano Lounge. Just think of all the off-screen entertainment that combination will produce. Oh, and the free food.

Serious faces via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. hmmm

    Two shots for every time he inflects his voice to a higher key and cocks his chin upward while slightly furrowing his brow. Here are some phrases you can count on (choose your own beverage): "tax cut," "that's not ideology, it's just math," "middle class," and "most Republicans would agree." And here are two words, proper nouns to be exact, that you can bet a good sum of money on: "Osama bin Laden," and "Secretary."

  2. hmmm

    (And I don't mean the executive branch kind of secretary).

  3. Lol the CUCR  

    From their wesbite:

    Recommended Reading:

    Obviously, The Bible comes first and the US Constitution comes second. This is the political thought that comes after.

    Yeah if that isn't good yehaw poltical thought then yer a commi and better get...I said get

  4. Anonymous

    Go Barack CC'83!

  5. Obama 2012  

    I've heard there will be drinking game rules printed up - keep in mind that Lerner is a dry space.

  6. everytime obama

    makes a vain promise or misconstrues economic data to make it look like he's done something with this country take half a shot, if you take a full one you may get alcohol poisoning.

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