Modernist Installation in Ferris; Speculation Abounds

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Bwog has yet to obtain a definitive interpretation of the regularly occurring exhibit above the Ferris trash compartments. Observers cite an almost daily recurrence of the piece, with gradual increase throughout the day, reaching a peak around lunchtime. Many see it as a representation of freshman struggles: the never-ending mountain of stress and woe that inevitably overflows the fragile container of the human psyche. Yet others have determined it to be symbolic of information overload in the digital age, where electronic stimuli affect even the ability to read which bin is trash and which is recycling. In any case, the installation (continued indefinitely?) creates a powerful motif: the all-too-real rejection of material goods, shucking one’s hands of any unworthy preoccupations because another trash can is just so far away.

The soul cannot be contained within its mortal bounds

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  1. Anonymous  

    I think you mean "installation."

  2. Anonymous

    Poor dining staff. People suck at being considerate.

  3. Anonymous  

    Don't forget the nightly displays at Hewitt--the towering plates waiting to be whisked away into the dishwashers with half-eaten chicken legs swimming in ketchup truly speaks of the trials and tribulations students endure.

  4. Anonymous

    You guys complain that the lounges and facilities are run down. Now I know why.

  5. ...  

    the trials and tribulations of parking on your front lawn

  6. Wilma

    you want an omelette with dat?

  7. Anonymous  

    Look. trash can's are 15 dollars on amazon. and probably 50 for a little fancier one closer to Ferris's. They can buy 5 more with 5 of the student swipes and solve this problem.

    The real deal is the trashcan right outside of ferris will have this mountain as well in an hour after this picture. And no one is going back down those tiny ass stairs.

    All best

  8. Anonymous  

    with all due respect, columbia kids are so fucking selfish and inconsiderate.

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