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Classes just started, assignments can wait, and midterms merely hover in the distance like a deathly faraway land. Helping you eschew menial amounts of reading that you weren’t going to do anyway is 2012’s first installment of Where Art Thou, a collection of fantastic arts events both on and off campus. If you would like to see your cultural event here, please let us know about it at [email protected].

The opportunities!

Your life too is an open horizon.

  • As You Like It, 8 pm at Riverside Theatre (91 Claremont Av). Additional showings Thursday thru Saturday at 8 pm and at  2 pm on Saturday. Take a journey into the wilds of the forest of Arden, where mistaken identity, sibling rivalry, comical mismatching of lovers, and Shakespeare’s most famous and beloved of speeches and songs await, set to an original score. A known crowd-pleaser, As You Like It is often considered to be one of Shakespeare’s funniest comedies. Reserve free tickets.
  • Artivist Film Festival: Sonia Sanchez, 8 pm in Miller Theatre. Dedicated to raising awareness for humanity, animals and the environment through informative and inspiring international films. This evening will honor Sonia Sanchez, noted author, poet and activist. The film program includes a variety of Award Winning Shorts, a reflection of the African and African-American experience, various animal rights issues, and conclude with a discussion on the current socio-economic movement led by the global progressive community. Reserve free tickets.
  • Artivist Film Festival: Zeitgeist, 8 pm in Miller Theatre. Director Peter Joseph’s feature film “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward”, will be broken into core sections by subject, with live interlude Question and Answer sections occurring between each part. The film is a feature length documentary presenting a case for a transition out of the current socio-economic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. Reserve free tickets.
  • Lunch With The Arts Initiative: Lydia R. Diamond, 12 pm in Miller Theatre. The first Lunch With The Arts Initiative of the semester. The special guest will be African-American playwright, Lydia R. Diamond, whose recent work STICK FLY is currently playing on Broadway. Lydia will discuss her own process and her experience on Broadway, as well as answering your questions regarding playwrighting. Free.
  • Fruit Paunch Improv, 8 pm in Furnald Lounge. That’s right, they’re back. Actually they never left. Well, they left for a bit during break, but they never left performing, you know? Okay, they haven’t performed in a while, but they always thought about doing it, they just couldn’t find the time or a place to do it. They’re not being defensive, but there will be free cookies. Free.
  • 2Dollarama, show from 9.30 pm, party from 10.30 pm, in Roone. The Caribbean Students Association presents the first annual 2Dollarama preshow, featuring Raw Elementz, Onyx, CUSH, Sabor, Orisha, CUBellydance, and Soca Motion. Show will be followed by a raucous party. Tickets $5 from the TIC, more details.
  • Dance Marathon, 1 pm – 7 am, Lerner Party Space. Longtime dance fun to support the elimination of pediatric AIDS. Featuring CFP the Band, Kid Savant, Alex Klein and Gavin Russom (of LCD Soundsystem), Bar Mitzvah hour at 8 pm and 205 delirious dancers. Tickets $10 at the door, more details here.
  • Lunar Gala, 8 pm in Roone. Twelve years of making has established the Gala as one of best-known and most celebrated rendezvous for the Chinese community in NY. It is their hope and belief that the Gala this year will be a night of fun, rejoice and inspiration, and that it will provide an exceptional opportunity for Sino-U.S. cultural exchange and friendship building. Tickets $15 here.
  • Opening: Behind the Porous Curtain, 6 pm in the Harriman Atrium, IAB 12th floor. Eighteen works by Anatoly Pronin capture the Soviet period of artistic inspiration of the 1970s, revealing the private and almost intimate world of theatre rehearsals of such iconic figures as Marcel Marceau and Leonid Jakobson, a non-conformist choreographer who transformed classical ballet technique into modern dance lexicon.
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