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Look out!

The Columbia Republicans are considering bringing Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist back to campus to promote free speech. We can’t help but wonder if they learned nothing from last time he was here.  Well, it has been a while since we had a nationally-covered protest in this city… (Spec)

Oh wait except for that whole Occupy Wall Street business.  Reporters Without Borders released their latest Press Freedom Index – a ranking of countries by how journalism-friendly they are – and the US has dropped 27 places due mainly to the arrests of journalists at Occupy protests.  But we still beat North Korea! (Reporters Without Borders, Gothamist)

Following a student field trip to Death Valley led by Nicholas Christie-Blick (Frontiers in action!), a research team at the Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory discovered that a volcano in the valley is younger than initially thought and will likely erupt soon-ish.  It last erupted in 1200 and has an eruption cycle of 1000 years or less.  Ruh-roh.  (Daily Mail)

In an attempt to take this year’s title of most controversial frat scene, a tempest is brewing up in Hanover.  A former Dartmouth student and SAE brother wrote an article listing some truly horrific things he had to do during rush.  Bwog couldn’t read past the first quote, but we’re sure there’s going to be some problems with the administration. (IvyGate)

In lighter news, Scooter Hollis, All-State second team QB from Kentucky, has committed to Columbia.  Meanwhile, Chad Ochocinco of the Patriots discovers politics. (Courier Journal, Politico)

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  1. Really?

    Yes, the volcano is in Death Valley, but that does not mean the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is there as well. Lamont is in the Palisades. Please learn your Columbia geography.

  2. Anonymous

    Scooter Hollis is such a quarterback name.

  3. Anonymous  

    Oh god. He let us eat lunch there. We FROLICKED.

    #feldscar #vehicularbasalt #alluvialvan

  4. Nicholas Christie-Blick

    I appreciate the shout-out in BWOG on Death Valley activity.
    The article was based upon Peri Sasnett's senior thesis (2011).
    Undergrads. interested in research should check out the Earth Intern Program at LDEO.
    Current first-year students will be eligible for the Spring, 2013 iteration of the Death Valley excursion. Write to me if interested.

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