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Dream Water: Water of Dreams

Our faithful friends at Red Bull have created a “Strength of Schedule” contest to find the Columbia student with the busiest schedule.  But since we at Bwog know that all Columbians are truly just slackers at heart, we invite you to participate in our version: the Lightness of Load competition.

Do YOU think you have the lightest schedule on campus?!? Let’s find out…

Let us know how you schedule your time this semester—in what classes do you sneak in naptime, on what projects do you let your group members take the lead, with what pick-up ultimate frisbee team do you practice, and which Netflix shows do you follow religously?? Did you see a movie this week? Did it come out in theaters in the ’90s? Were you wearing sweatpants in bed when you watched? Does the bouncer at Mel’s give you a high five when you walk in? Have you ever left your 1020 tab open for more than a week?

Post your schedules, links, videos, anything that provides us a better understanding of lazy and relaxed you really are… if you can muster up the strength to type the words!

Winner miiiiight get one free Dream Water from Duane Reade if Bwog has enough energy to get out of bed.

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  1. Speaking of Heavy Loads...

    I took a giant dump this morning. Try topping that, redbull!

  2. Anonymous  

    Squash 2:10-3
    Ignorance 6:10-8

    Making of Modern American Landscape 2:40-3:55
    Abnormal Psych 6:10-7:25

    Squash 2:10-3
    Foreign Exchange 6:50-9:20

    Making of Modern American Landscape 2:40-3:55
    Abnormal Psych 6:10-7:25

    oh, and I'm pass failing all of it because I don't need the credits.

  3. Anonymous  

    this is absolutely awful and there is no reason why we should be celebrating this. this is what you are all doing with "the best four years of your lives?"

  4. Anonymous

    that contest is one of the saddest things i've seen in a long time.

  5. Anonymous  

    Does anyone else think this is a big security risk? All a criminal would have to do to find out when you're not in your room is look at your schedule...

  6. Anonymous  

    I nominate Jesse Qualliotine for winner of this competition. (he actually deserves to have a light load this semester so it's less annoying than people who are just plain lazy.)

  7. Anonymous  

    bwog you are awesome for doing this.

  8. Anonymous

    Bwog, this is excellent. I am loving the shit out of my 4-day weekends. Sweatpants all day erry day.

  9. Anonymous  

    I love this because people at this school take shit too seriously, especially when comparing their schedules or the rigor of their majors to others. Trolling on people who get genuinely angry about other students having schedules or majors that are "too easy" is great.

  10. birdynotes  

    mon. 9 -10am : work at the library not to be named in the office where the following people go... http://robinbirdynotes.blogspot.com

    12-12:50pm: pilates for dancers

    1-3pm: work again ;)

    4:10-5:25: religion...pretty sure i won't have to keep skimming over Mark Taylor's Religion is Everywhere (b/c this lecture based class allows for auditory learning...in lecture ;)

    tues.: 8am: head over to the dance dept. to stretch and wake my body up : )

    10:35-11:50am: modern dance class

    3:10-4pm: vinyasa yoga in dodge fitness center, runners peering in as you clomp by, come on in and try it!

    4pm: ruuuuuuuunnnn to work, sorry pigeons and peds on the steps of low...

    4-6pm: work...la la la

    wed.: [inert monday's schedule with the disorientation of thinking it's tuesday]...hello hump day (as in the middle/median day of the week... in case you were wondering)

    thurs: insert tuesday's schedule... with a nap at 1pm

    fri.: 10am-6pm wooooooooooorrrrrrk-k-k... so much for reading the Bible for class -> promise to lock self in butler tomorrow to read all the stuff i didn't during my 8 hour shift yesterday... peer pressure can be a great motivator (all you coffee drinking Odyssey reading young impressionable minds)

    sat.:... apparently "lock[ing] self in butler" can mean lounging with hot ginger-lemon tea in bed...oh weekends, how i love you so...

    sun: try to avoid people in categories (a)- trying to get me to go on a "group outing" to __________, &/or, (b)- trying too hard to not talk about school work, don't try, and just don't involve me in the not-trying... i opt for sunday schedule (a* :) [translation: option "aye" star happy face]

  11. Anonymous  

    Hey guess what, I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    11:00-12:15 Intro to Middle Ages
    5:40-6:55 Ancient Egypt

    11:00-12:15 Intro to Middle Ages
    2:10-4:00 Seminar
    5:40-6:55 Ancient Egypt

    Oh, and i'm doing the middle ages class as a p/f. BEAT THAT

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