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If you're ever in trouble, seek out one of these

Public Safety has informed us that several new stores in the Morningside Heights area have been added as Safe Havens. As you may know, Safe Havens are essentially places to run when you feel like you are in trouble—this means the business owners have agreed to provide shelter and safety to students in danger while they notify the proper authorities.  Look for the red lion decal to identify them, and never hesitate to duck inside one if you feel threatened out on the street.

Image via Public Safety

Atomic Wings
Fredrick Douglass Blvd / West 113 Street

Crepes on Columbus  
Columbus Ave / West 109 Street

Garcia Hardware & Houseware
Columbus Ave / West 109 Street

Harlem Tavern   
Fredrick Douglas Blvd / West 116 Street

Nikko Sushi Restaurant
Amsterdam Ave / West 123rd Street

Shahi Biryani Grill
West 109 Street / Columbus Ave

Town Drug Store
Columbus Ave / West 110 Street

Village Pour House
Amsterdam Ave / West 108 Street

Zanny’s Coffee Shop
Columbus Ave / West 108 Street

Furry Rascals
Broadway / West 164 Street

My Pick and Eat   
Broadway / West 177 Street

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  1. Anonymous  

    It would be nice if you could provide a map with the locations. Or if Public Safety could.

    • ...  

      woah.. woah.. woah... hey... mr. mugger, can you time out for just a sec? ok... thanks! i just need to pull out my handy dandy public safety safe haven pocket map.... so let's see...

      mugger: what about that place on the corner... the deli?

      well... he's not on the map.. here we go.. 107 and columbus. phoenix multiservices corp... do you see a phoenix multiservices corp?

      mugger: no, i see a phenix multiservices corp... but no phoenix...

      hmm... i'm not sure if that's right ahh ... here we go... crepes on columbus

      mugger: i love their banana-nutella crepes, a bit on the pricey side though

      oh. shit... they're closed...

      mugger: let me see that map... ahh... gurat pakistani deli... they should be open..

      it's a few blocks down, why don't we pop in this bodega and ask them if the gurat deli is open

      mugger: yeah alright

      hey do you know if the gurat deli is open? we're looking for an open columbia university safe haven..

      deliguy: hmm.. he usually closes down around this hour to pop back home and say good night to his wife... he'll definitely be open by 10.... hey, but we applied for the columbia program

      do you have the sticker yet?

      deliguy: i dunno, i haven't seen it.

      mugger: well, i dunno if i'd trust an outlet without the official stickers...

      yeah, you're right... do you mind if we walk over to amsterdam or broadway?

      mugger: um.... i guess...


  2. Anonymous  

    IF YOU FEEL THREATENED, GO INTO ANY GODDAMN STORE. Do whatever the fuck you need to do to survive. You won't get in trouble with the law if you're defending yourself.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank god I never had to use one, but I really appreciated these things being up in Wash Heights too. It's nice, especially if you get catcalls when ducking into the nearest bodega.

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