Snag Some Free Seating!

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A tipster has just sent in this picture of a group of chairs outside Artopolis (114th and Amsterdam for you non-crêpe lovers) which, according to a sign taped up behind them, are free for the taking! Sure, it’s no IKEA, but at least they won’t scare the crap out of you like the half-reclining chairs Columbia Housing bestows upon us all. And hey, they’re probably nice and clean from the rain this morning. Supplies appear limited, so what are you waiting for?


Would you like some chair with your crêpe?

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    I am running down out of Ruggles now you sons of bitches, if there isn't a chair there I will comment angrily every day for the rest of my wretched, chairless, existence.

  2. Anonymous

    that's the spirit!

  3. Good riddance

    Those chairs are worn out and EXTREMELY uncomfortable... sitting on them for a little while makes your legs fall asleep. Get some new cushions and / or padding if take them.

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